Black and white have always been two of the most dominant colors in fashion whether individual or combined, and they will always be considered popular and timeless due to their simplicity and elegance. These two colors have always and will always be present on the runway fashion presentations making them great investment pieces as you’ll be able to wear your outfit for seasons in a row without having to worry that the color of your outfit is outdated.

This summer all black outfits seem to have captured attention as they are fabulous, elegant and manage to create a certain mysterious and seductive look that suits women of all ages. Black is timeless, ageless and suits all occasions making it a definite must have color in every woman’s wardrobe. Fashion designers demonstrated just how powerful the attraction surrounding all black outfits is so try to ensure you have at least one of the following items in your closet as they are hot, trendy and stylish:

The little black dressThe little black dress is actually a vintage piece which has been introduced by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s, and since then this fashion piece has been present on the runways every single year.

Simplicity and elegance will never go out of style so the little black dress is definitely a must have for every woman. There are a variety of LBD’s styles to choose from and they all look fabulous, from simple to ruffled and pencil cut, all little black dresses look lovely. Make sure to choose the style that suits your body type best and enhances your best body parts to capture all the attention.

Lanvin 2010 Dolce&Gabbana 2010

Black skirts Black skirts are absolutely fabulous and suit perfect women with gorgeous legs that need to be put into value. There are a variety of skirts styles to choose from and one of the most popular styles is the pencil cut skirt which can do wonders for most body types as it helps emphasize the body’s curves. The fabric the skirt is made of can also make a big difference when it comes to your complete outfit so make sure you mix and match different light, high quality fabrics.

Yves Saint Lauren 2010 Givenchy 2010

All black jumpsuits Jumpsuits are in once again and the new designs featured by fashion designers look amazing and suit different occasions from more casual-chic to formal. The jumpsuit is not for all body types so make sure you pay attention to the benefits it brings your body before purchasing one. Because of the dark coloration, all black jumpsuits will create a slimming effect which, obviously most women want to receive. Choose the style that you think brings your body type best benefits and you will look fabulous.

Givenchy 2010 Lanvin 2010

Black pants and blouses Black pants paired with fabulous black blouses and black accessories look amazing and there is such a vast variety of styles to choose from. Go for grunge style outfits or office depending on the occasion and you will definitely look great. Try to choose tight fitting pants which will reveal your feminine forms best and wear heels to complete your feminine look.

Akris 2010 Yohji Yamamoto 2010

Choosing the right accessories is a must so make sure the shoe style suits the outfit, and try to go for heels and heels help enhance femininity best. Choose the best outfit for you and mix and match until you have created the perfect outfit for your personality and body type. Photos via