Learn how to wear the biggest summer 2011 fashion trend and how to wear bright shoes and handbags! Tangerine, red, pink, blue, green, yellow… This season, we are 100% in love with colors especially the bright, eye-popping ones. If until now you found it rather difficult to mix and match shades, now, you have the easiest task ever. Be creative and daring this summer! Don’t be afraid to use colors in your advantage and create flirty outfits for a stylish adventure. And it’s not just clothing we are talking about, but also shoes and handbags.

You can match green, orange and purple in the same outfit, trying impressive color-blocking or, if this is too much for you, choose just one bright accessory and pair it with neutrals, mostly black. Keep in mind that red with pink and blue with green are the ultimate, most fashionable combinations for summer 2011. Therefore, a pair of sexy high-heeled platform sandals in a vivid color will instantly give a ravishing twist to your appearance and guarantee the wow-factor moment. And yes, it is true that black is the safest way out, still you should think out of the box. For example, wear your favorite playful colored dress with a pair of juicy sandals.


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Brights, brights, brights… Summer 2011 is all about taking chances. We know it can be tricky, yet it is so much fun playing with styling. Our main goal for the forthcoming season is to revive and brighten up our wardrobes. Even though for some of us getting used with the idea might take a while, make sure you add a splash of color and optimism during the warm days. Try simpler combinations at first, mixing only two colors.

Platforms are a petite’s best friend. There are so many different variants available, yet the ones that captured our attention are the brilliant ones. Be courageous and complete your outfit with a pair of towering blue or yellow platforms. On the other hand, you can still make a fashion statement wearing bright flat shoes. Whether you choose brogues, sandals or ballerina flats, this foot-friendly alternative is the easiest way to add color if you don’t feel ready to embrace this trend. Asos, Zara and Carvela are right on style with amazing, dazzling shades used for comfy, summer-appropriate footwear.



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Brights can be so intimidating and they will undoubtedly draw all the attention to yourself. This is why it is crucial you feel totally comfortable and confident when wearing them, especially if you want to avoid looking rather hilarious or ridiculous. In this case the best solution is to go for a neutral, minimalist outfit and add a bright-colored handbag to revive your overall aspect. Bright accessories are utterly youthful and playful. A zesty lemon yellow or green handbag can represent the enough amount of color you need in order to brighten up a dull outfit. Choose a head-turning, bewitching pink clutch that is a great way to inject some summery ravishing hues into your wardrobe.

However, always keep in mind that even though neon shades and boldly clashing combinations are so hot for spring/summer 2011, you can temper them with neutral and nudes. Besides, bright-colored shoes or handbags worn with jeans or a little white dress represent the easiest way to pull this trend off.



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