Our wardrobe is our secret weapon. It doesn’t help you to lose weight, but it can surely make you look slimmer or curvier providing you know what clothes to choose and how to combine them. Colors, shapes, the structure and nature are important elements that can sculpt or change your figure according to preferences and trends.


If you have a voluptuous body try to avoid going to extremes as clothes that are too big only make you look disheveled, while clothes that are too small only make you look bigger. Use shiny fabrics such as satin, and pleated or flounced dresses for a special evening event. If you have more generous forms wear cropped jackets and blazers that emphasize your waist, or the ones following the line of your body.

Show your sexy decollete wearing V-shaped opening. This will draw the attention on your bust.

Choose longer, elegant jackets that cover your hips and buttocks.

Always buy things that fit you. Don’t waste your money and time wearing too tight-fitting clothing items.

Avoid the temptation of emphasizing the area around your abdomen and hips. Say “no” to large pockets.

Don’t hide your body in too large clothes as this will only cover your curves and will only make you look bigger than you really are.

Avoid turtleneck sweaters if you have a large bust as it only disadvantage you.

Choose larger jeans that cover your hips, but don’t over exaggerate. A darker color makes you look slimmer. Make sure they have small pockets in the back so they won’t draw the attention on the hips.


You are strong and sexy, you work out a lot so you have a body envied by all people around you. Emphasize your body wearing clothes that follow your body line.

If you have an athletic body and you want to point out your arms, wear sleeveless tops and t-shirts.

Use bold cuts. An open back or an off the shoulders dress is ideal for an evening outfit.

Wear low rise jeans so you underline the hip line. You can team them with an interesting belt.

Choose vertical stripes if you want to look slimmer or horizontal ones if you want to look curvier.

Avoid micro-mini skirts as they don’t flatter your legs. Go for skirts at knee level to enhance the beauty of your legs.

Don’t exaggerate with sports clothing and wear them only when working out or on a weekend out.

Low rise jeans to emphasize your toned abdomen. Small pockets in the back are meant to underline your buttocks. Avoid jeans with too many embellishments and pockets. Also, try wearing your jeans with high-heeled shoes.


Maybe for many of you “skinny” means perfection and the possibility to wear anything and everything. In reality, it is rather hard for skinny girls to find clothing items that really flatter their body. Skinny girls should go for contrasts when it comes to fabrics and prints in order to transform sharp angles into curves.

Wear pleated skirts and jackets with girdle. The girdle will create the illusion of sexy curves.

Pick out tops with fine straps or long lace or chiffon sleeves, and ribbons to define the waist.

White pants are the perfect choice.

Mix fabrics and textures. Light skirts and blouses teamed with tweed are meant to sweeten the look.

Don’t wear a corset if you have small breasts as you only draw the attention on the fact that you have nothing to fill it with.

Avoid super tight-fitting pants or ones in darker colors. The severe cut will only make you look too skinny.

Don’t buy items one size bigger or clothes with vertical stripes.

Choose jeans with details on the waistband. Straight-cut jeans and loose ones are perfect. If you have too thin legs avoid stretch and black.