Take a peek at the latest collection signed Style Stalker at it radiates style and seductiveness. Select the fashion items you love and create a perfect outfit which will most definitely help you stand out!

Style Stalker has managed to pleasantly surprise us with a fabulous fashion collection which is perfect for confident women. The collection exudes hotness and this can be easily observed through the stylish details which make the collection unique. There collection is named “Desert Fox” as the detail are inspired by the desert.

The Style Stalker Desert Fox collection is perfect for confident women who love to adopt a casual-chic hot fashion style which underlines the femininity, so if these fashion items appeal to you don't hesitate to make them a part of your stylish wardrobe. With a little bit of bohemian style attached, the collection looks absolutely dazzling. Snakebite details, cowboy styles and desert colors underline the style and name of the collection, so you can really look stunning with every occasion.

The name and style of the Style Stalker Desert Fox collection matched perfectly with a stylish motorcycle in the vision of photographer Zanita Whittington, and the pictures came out absolutely remarkable. The model for the Desert Fox collection is Bambi Northwood-Blyth which wears the clothes beautifully.

Leggings which feature a very stylish snakebite design are perfect for girls with fabulous legs as they attract a generous amount of attention. Leggings seem to be maintaining their popularity this fall as well as spring summer 2011 season so don't hesitate to incorporate them into your stylish wardrobe.

Lovely baggy tees and stylish jumpsuits are also perfect for any casual-chic occasion and the designs created by Style Stalker are absolutely divine, casual yet uber-chic. In order for a fashion item to exude sexiness it doesn't need show a lot of skin and this can be easily observed by taking a glimpse at the Desert Fox collection.

Sexy dresses are a must when it comes to women who love showing off their sexy body and femininity so don't hesitate to incorporate the stylish dresses from the Desert Fox collection. The dresses feature a sexy design which hugs the body and reveals the feminine forms in a very seductive manner. The colors vary from white to beige and khaki, all being perfect for the spring summer 2011 trends.

These dresses are short cut so they can reveal the legs beautifully and offer a great amount of comfort, being perfect for the hot summer days. Whether more simple or featuring a cutout design, these dresses are perfect for casual-chic occasions in which you wish to stand out and attract all the attention.
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Photos by Zanita Whittington via fashiongonerogue.com