If you love casual yet uber-stylish fashion take a glimpse at the Stussy spring summer 2011 collection and select your favorite look!

Stussy is definitely a fashionable clothing brand who has come a long way since it was first created in the 80s by Shawn Stussy. Founded in Laguna Beach, California, U.S.A, Stussy had visible streetwear influences which made the brand highly popular among hip hoppers, skaters, punkers as well as men and women who love casual and stylish outfits. The Stussy spring/summer 2011 women collection underlines the casual and stylish look of the brand and it is definitely worth admiring.

Fashion plays a very important role when it comes to beauty and style so no wonder fashion trends are changing every six months. There are a variety of fashion styles but one of the most popular style is the casual fashion style. These outfits look incredibly stylish but also maintain a high amount of comfort which is perfect for active women, who love to underline their laid back but fashionable style.

There is definitely a great amount of style, sexiness and comfort incorporated into each and ever design so women can not only look amazing but feel that way as well. Because not all women feel have the same body types thus do not benefit from the same outfit styles a variety of fashionable items have been designed for the spring summer 2011 season so you can find the perfect outfit for you. A retro allure can be detected throughout the collection and this boost the sex-appeal of the clothes up a notch.

Stylish high waist shorts, flared jeans, skinny trousers, baggy T-shirts, blazers are only a few of the stylish fashion items which have been created by Stussy for the SS 2011 season. The vast variety of clothes will allow you to mix and match your favorite items and obtain a stylish outfit which will match your style perfectly.

The colors used by Stussy vary from darks to brights, so you can adapt your outfit coloration to your personal style. However darks dominate and they will help you stand out regardless of occasion. Choose to accessorize your outfit after personal preference so don't hesitate to go for stylish hats, casual bags as well as fabulous shoes.

Put your own style into your outfit as only this way you will be able to radiate confidence which is a highly important thing when it comes to fashion.
Purchase these fashionable outfits from Stussy stores or other retailers located in different parts of the world such as the U.S, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe. Another simple way to purchase your favorite Stussy item is by ordering from the official Stussy website.

Photos courtesy of Stussy