One of the most versatile clothing items you can choose if you are looking to update your wardrobe for a new season is the right pants style. A trendy pants style can be part of many versatile and stylish outfits as long as you make the right choice for your body type. A conclusive proof of this idea as well as the fact that fashion is really cyclical and that certain trends evolve over the course of a few seasons is the flared pants style, which come with only a few adjustments for the new season.

An important distinction we can make if we are to compare this new trend with the one from the fall/winter season of 2010-2011 is that high waist tends to dominate and medium and low rise pants seem to have been decreased in popularity. Although wide leg pants have been a fashion staple that many women used on a variety of occasions regardless of whether they were a dominant trend or not, now with the strong inspiration from the 70s they have become one of the must have fashion items for spring/summer 2011.

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Another important aspect that can be noticed once we take a closer look to some of the most important runways is the fact that the waist is beautifully emphasized to create better body proportions as well as to increase the visual interest and to create a more elaborate look. Emphasized subtly with belts that have a similar shade to the color of the pants or choosing a more dramatic color that will create a stronger contrast, belts are an important accessory you should take into account if you are trying to create a stylish and fashionable look by taking into account the latest trends.

For spring summer 2011 most pants styles presented were generally pretty classic being appropriate a professional workplace environment as well as being very versatile in terms of the combinations that can be made to create several outfits,other options are also available. For those who like to wear prints but are not to keen on using prints on the upper part of the body as many women tend to do, Blumarine comes with an interesting and playful combination that can immediately attract attention in an extremely positive way as long as it is properly accessorized and combined.

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Although many of the looks presented seem to be quite androgynous and might seem to have a strong masculine tone, you can also try to add feminine touches in order to create a more ladylike outfit. While there’s nothing that can express femininity better than a dress or a skirt if you pay a close attention to details and you can create a beautiful outfit with strong feminine touches.

An interesting example of how sexiness and femininity can be combined with a few masculine touches to create interest, can be spotted at Jason Wu where a daring sheer top with an oversized bow is used to make a powerful fashion statement and to challenge some rigid, conservative standards.

Combining monochromatic flared pants with beautifully printed tops is a great way to make sure that you are getting a beautifully balanced outfit that will merge elegance and classicism being versatile and highly adaptable without being boring. While selecting a tight fitting top can be a good way to balance proportions and to avoid getting a baggy look, if you need to make your shoulders appear wider a more loose fitting top like the one presented by Maria Grachvogel can be a much wiser choice for you.

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