The classic white shirt is so versatile, elegant, despite its simplicity. You can wear it to almost everything, with a skirt or a pair of pants, and to every occasion, from a formal business meeting to a more special event where you must choose a chic outfit. Moreover, you can accessorize it in so many different ways. You can add a necklace, a brooch, a masculine tie, a vest or a blazer.

Depending on the occasion and the effect you are looking for, wear your white shirt buttoned-up or, on the contrary, with a sexy cleavage. For spring/summer 2011, the white shirt was spotted on many fashion shows, such as Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Brioni, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, or Moschino.

The white shirt is one of those elements that never seems to go out of style. It can be easily worn at work or even for more elegant occasions. Everything stands in the way you match it and accessorize it. There are so many different styles from the more classic with traditional cuffs and collars, to masculine ones, and ones with ruffles and ribbons. Designers prepared a wide range of white shirts for spring/summer 2011and numerous stylish combinations. At DKNY, the white shirt was the basic piece of the collection, worn with khaki trench and cropped trousers and accessorized with a silk scarf. Simple, yet very sophisticated. At Dsquared², the classic white shirt was paired with black trousers, flat oxfords, straw hats, and oversize glasses.


Marc by Marc JacobsMichael Kors

More classic models of white shirts look amazing when paired with pencil skirts or clean tailored pants. If you want to tuck the shirt in, make sure it perfectly fits you, especially if you want to get a chic, flawless look. If what you want is a looser appearance, you can also choose a larger shirt. It would be advisable to match larger pants with a more tight-fitting shirt. On the other hand, if the shirt is rather breezy, then go for a tight-fitting skirt or skinny pants. A white shirt can help you create a simple, yet very elegant outfit in no time. You can try wearing it in a minimal way, tucked in a pair of flared denim trousers for a retro look (Derek Lam).

Despite its simplicity, a white shirt can say a lot about you and your personal style. Let it say different stories by matching it with a long skirt, black or in any other color, for a more formal event where elegance and chic are the key words (Carolina Herrera, Jil Sander). You can add extravagance to your look by choosing shocking accessories, such as a pair of shoes in a more contrasting color. The only thing you need is imagination and some courage.

Derek LamBrioni

Carolina HerreraJil Sander

The white shirt proved its versatility throughout time. Therefore, besides its elegant side, there is also the more relaxed, laid-back touch it can offer to any outfit. For an effortless, masculine look, match a white shirt with a pair of loose pants and a blazer (Michael Kors). Also, for a more androgynous style, choose to pair your white shirt with trousers, braces, a hat and a pair of boots (Ralph Lauren).

When it comes to feminine white shirts with ruffles, these don’t really need special accessorizing, as the shirt itself is enough to draw all the attention. Therefore, a pair of simple, classic jeans would work just fine if you have a ruffle shirt. On the other hand, if you are going for a ruffle skirt, try to keep the rest of the outfit rather simple, including the white shirt, and stick to a more classic model.

Michael KorsRalph Lauren


As summer heat can be sometimes unbearable, an all-white look can be a real lifesaver. Therefore, take a white linen short-sleeve shirt that and match it with a pair of cropped and tapered pants, or white short pants or skirts. The all-white look was spotted at Brioni, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. Interesting combinations of white shirts and short pants were also seen at Moschino Cheap&Chic, Dsquared², Twenty8Twelve, and Julien Mcdonald.

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Moschino Cheap&ChicTwenty8Twelve

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