From the ancient times the colorful and complex prints served as the best means to make our clothes personalized and special. Those who are familiarized with this miraculous real know that designers managed to expand the repertoire of classy patterns with additional designs that succeeded in keeping the public on its toes until all the fashionable creations landed on the street waiting for them to wear.

The Spring/Summer 2011 striped fashion trend is a chic example of the still strong and respected supremacy of the traditional prints that are used in their endless variations when turning plain fabrics and tailorings into real paintings.

No wonder fashion gurus appeal to the use of the various stripes as these have the power to enhance the clothes with structure and a tint of architectural complexity. In order to know how to promote the trend for the next season skim through the most stylish designer collections illustrating the fab stripes in their infinite shape and color.

Haider AckermannBensoniJil SanderMarc Jacobs

Red Carpet Stripes

The masterminds behind these mesmerizing collections succeeded to land the fab stripes also on the red carpet. These evening gowns as well as feminine and flirty dresses embrace this print trend and offer us the chance to juggle with the proportions of our body in order to create the perfect illusion of a well-toned and hourglass shape. Indeed the size as well as the positioning of the stripes can determine our overall appearance.

Make sure you choose the horizontal ones if your are completely pleased with your silhouette and the vertical or diagonal ones if you would like to mask a few pounds and wish to emphasize only your most flattering curves and body parts. Go for a top-to-toe outfit idea if you have the courage and attitude to rock the trend in its complexity. The collections of Haider Ackermann, Bensoni, Jil Sander as well as Marc Jacobs furnish you with the best blueprint to master the art of stripes.

MoschinoPradaMatthew AmesIsabel Marant

Urban Chic Stripes

Dress up your casual chic outfits with these stylish patterns in their skinny or wider version. Choose dresses that are decorated with stripes in different shades or proceed gradually if you lack the attitude to rock out an all-over striped outfit.

Take a peek at the spring/summer 2011 collections of Moschino, Prada, Matthew Ames as well as Isabel Marant to see the perfect example on how to master the transition from runway outfits to laid back and street chic apparels.

These urbane chic stripes enhance the volume and also prominence of these clothing pieces therefore make sure you keep in mind the golden rules of stripe selection before heading to the store. Pair the right types to your body shape and achieve the desired result by adopting a few pro stylist tricks.If you would like to take mix/matching to the next level it is also recommended to sneak peak on the latest collections that combine stripes of various directions and width into the same ensemble.

Marc by Marc JacobsSonia RykielJean Paul GaultierPaul & Joe

Flirty Stripes

Play up your youthful and experimental style attitude and choose flirty stripes that would speak for your refined fashion sense. These examples extracted from the collections of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sonia Rykiel, Jean Paul Gaultier as well as Paul&Joe all flash the playful visual effect striped can add to the various breezy outfits. Spot striped tops, jumpsuits, shorts or romantic dresses to bring out the most of your wardrobe as well as silhouette. Use your creativity to pair the various clothing items and fuse them into a high class apparel.

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