Fashion shows besides enchanting us with the too-good-to-be-true fashion creations also offer us a detailed insight into the upcoming beauty trends. Were you always impressed how designers envisioned the perfect combo of clothing and manicure? Then sure you won’t mind taking a closer look at the Spring/Summer 2011 runway nail color trends. These fab examples line up numerous ideas on how to rock the nail shades that would make the best accessory to complement your formal as well as a more relaxed and shopping tour outfit. Pick your favorite and match the right style to your personality to stay true to your beauty puss reputation.

If it’s a real challenge to tame your cravings for vibrating nail polish hues, make sure to embrace the colorful manicure trend that might limit itself to the use of one sole shade, but it is no ordinary choice as the color palette is stretched out to be able to sport the most eye-popping tones. The fab hue selection you’ll spot here is presented during the stylish fashion shows of the greatest designers. Complement your uni-toned outfit with a similar accessory to add a patch of color to your apparel. More, you can also embed these voguish details and shades into your rainbow colored appearance if you have the mastery to synchronize the various chromatic options.

Grey is the new black, that’s a fact! Undoubtedly when it comes to classy shades it is wise to adopt grey both in its metallic and glittery glam as well as in muted pastel variations. Those who long for a subtle glam in their appearance should apply a similar nail polish tone regardless of the length of the nails. Dress up your manicure with a similar shade and make it your signature accessory. These models with the dapper nails will show you how to master the grey nail color trend which dominates the latest trends in this beauty domain. Have at least 2 shades of grey in your mani kit, lighter tones will work miracles with your office or casual chic outfit, whereas silver is perfect to top your cocktail or party look.

Finally, not so prominently but still worth mentioning, the stylish red and nude nails are also popularized on the runway. These classy designs prep you up for the warm season perfectly complementing the beauty of short trimmed as well as long acrylic nails. Get into the groove of pro nail staining and make sure you catch up with the latest trends to guarantee the admiring glimpses.

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