Luxurious and flamboyant ensembles were lines up during the Spring 2011 fashion shows. Designers granted the style-conscious public with a blissful and glamorous visual experience thanks to the use of metallic shades. Silver and gold as well as the endless shades of these base tones were used in order to decorate the various suits, gowns as well as cocktail dresses.

The Spring/Summer 2011 metallic color trends give us with the perfect prerogative to flaunt our flashy and gaudy ensembles both for semi- as well as formal occasions. Those who were always mesmerized by the overwhelming pleasure of sporting these sight-pleasing and catchy outfits will have the chance to draw some inspiration from the design envisioned in the latest collections.

RuffianCarlos MieleElie TahariErin Fetherston

Gold Color Trend

Those who would like to take a peek at the most admired collections of the next season will be able to detect miraculous gilded outfits that flash the utmost beauty of gold. The lighter and also the profound and darker shades of this hue when paired with unique tailoring patterns would definitely make a marvelous and at the same time extravagant impression. Glittery gowns as well as stylish shorts and masculine-style suits all serve as the best alternatives to rise above the mass and enhance your appearance with a heavenly aura. The collections of Ruffian, Carlos Miele, Elie Tahari as well as Erin Fetherston provide you with some of the most flattering outfit ideas that would win your heart in an instant.

A.F.VandervorstDennis BassoEmporio ArmaniBalmain

Silver Color Trend

Models were strutting in mind-blowing outfits during the shows of A.F.Vandervorst, Dennis Basso, Emporio Armani as well as Balmain. Silver as one of the trademark hues to create fabulous and vision-pampering outfits turns these often minimalist designs into real works of art. The glittery details as well as the different shades of the base tone all contribute to the overall allure these clothing pieces radiate. Moreover explore the universal quality of silver which can be easily embedded into a rock’n’roll, high class office chic as well as red carpet look. Preferences may vary still the strong reputation of silver as the king of metallic shades still lives on.

Elie SaabPorts 1961Monique LhuillierLuca Luca

Red Carpet Metallic Color Trend

Conquer the red carpet or any glamorous event with a metallic gown or mini dress that would show your refined style and beauty sense as well as ambition to be different and adapt to the ceremonial atmosphere. These fabulous evening outfit ideas presented during the shows of Elie Saab, Ports 1961, Monique Lhuillier as well as Luca Luca crowned the high class aura of the collections. These jewelry pieces succeed in making all silhouettes perfect and allow the wearer to bring out those unique features and charisma. Choose gold, silver as well as other shades to make your entree for these special events memorable.

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