Just as fashion designers have gotten us used to, the new spring summer 2011 fashion trends are absolutely amazing and diverse, allowing women to be selective when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. People have different preferences when it comes to fashion this is why diversity in fashion is absolutely necessary.

One of the coolest spring summer 2011 fashion trends is the glam-punk trend. This fashion trend differentiates itself from the other fashion trends through the distinctive style of the clothes as well as colors.

Usually women with a powerful personality and a unique fashion style turn towards this fashion style which is not only comfortable but stylish as well. Sometimes sexiness is not all about feminine, revealing clothes and vaporous or luxurious fabrics, sexiness can also be underlined through individuality as well; individuality, uniqueness are a magnet when it comes to capturing attention and being unique or different can be a great thing when it comes to fashion and style.


The glam-punk fashion styles created by fashion houses such as Balmain or Balenciaga exude this uniqueness that looks fantastic. One doesn’t need to follow the same patterns in order to look amazingly stylish; dress yourself to suit your personality and taste and do so by mixing and matching different style fashion items in a stylish manner. This definitely help you stand out and become a fashion muse for others.

The glam punk fashion style helps incorporate gorgeously cut outfits with punk styles and interesting fabrics, the best examples being motorcycle jackets, shiny blouses, leather or faux-leather vests, boyish pants, ripped T-shirts, leather shorts and studded details.


If you are not looking for such a powerful look you can try a softer approach to this glam-punk fashion style by taking a punk style fashion item and mixing and matching it with other style items to create a great looking, stylish and unique outfit which will have a bit of both, glam and punk. You can do this for example by mixing leather pants or shorts with a white shirt, a blazer or a printed blouse.

Try to adapt the style of your outfit to the occasion as well as your personality and pay attention to small details as well as sometimes the small details can make a huge difference. This fashion style needs to be worn with confidence so make sure you exude confidence if you want everyone to admire you!


Photos via style.com