The ’80s inspired carrot pants are back for spring/summer 2010. Throw your skinny jeans away and go for a pair of comfortable carrot pants as we have seen at Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs or Chloe. Elegant, yet not too formal, and accessorized with the right pieces, carrot pants are perfect for those of you who prefer an urban, smart-chic look.

Carrot pants are high-waisted, wide at the hips and tightened down, at the ankles, offering comfort and ease. They can be worn with a blazer, especially a boyfriend blazer and a hat. They can be emphasized through chunky jewelry. This type of pants flatters especially tall and thin women. Therefore, if you have large hips, try to avoid them as they emphasize even more your body shape. Still, properly accessorized they can hide curves and certain flaws.

Casual look. The easiest way to wear carrot pants is to team them with a pair of high-heeled sandals, a printed, tucked in t-shirt, and optionally a leather jacket. For a casual, trendy look, carrot pants worn with high-heeled shoes or sandals and tops or a loose t-shirt is the perfect combination.

Don't forget to get a beautiful handbag and aviator sunglasses as a final touch. If you take a blazer on top, you have a perfect office look. An original and stylish trick would be to match a pair of carrot jeans and a vintage t-shirt.

Feminine look. Usually made from light fabrics, carrot pants are the perfect solution for a feminine, flowing and delicate silhouette. For a romantic look, pair your carrot pants with a tucked in white, loose shirt and high-heeled or platform sandals. You can also wear them with a sailor t-shirt and a pair of wedges. For a more feminine, sexy look, you can wear them with high-heeled shoes and a sheer blouse. If you are more into a sophisticated, glam style, match a pair of black carrot pants with a fine, thin belt, a fitted top and stilettos.

'80s look. When it comes to their design, you can choose the classic way with or without pockets, or go for a more modern and loose model. As for the length, there are very long carrot pants and the ones reaching up to the ankles. Make sure you pick the ankle ones only if you are tall.
The color palette is very wide from cream-colored, blue or white to colorful prints. And, of course, we shouldn't forget about the timeless, classic black. For a '80s look, match carrot pants with a body, a lurex jacket and beautiful shoes.

Safari look. Carrot pants, safari style, are cool, classy and comfortable. Neutral beige, cream, gray, olive green and khaki are some of the colors that can better express a safari style. Other safari colors are vanilla, camel or coffee brown. A safari look is trendy and perfect for summer time.

Choose cream safari pants, carrot style, a plain t-shirt or striped tank top and platforms or flat sandals. Accessorize your outfit with a leather belt or a braided one for a more adventurous touch. Make sure you pick a wide belt. For cold nights you can take a safari cropped jacket that works great with your carrot pants.


This type of pants are rather unflattering, as it can make your legs look shorter and thicker. Therefore, the best thing to do is to wear them with high heels.

Try choosing fitted tops and blouses, or at least a bit loose ones, as it is necessary to balance the outfit and avoid a too baggy look due to the fullness of the pants.

When it comes to accessories, keep everything as simple as possible.