Denim is a must for spring 2010. Jeans will be found everywhere this season, from denim vests and denim shirts to denim shorts and treated jeans. Jeans is an indispensable piece of a trendy urban street look. Denim outfits inspire a casual and super chic look. Get yourself some new pieces and dare to combine them for a gorgeous urban casual look. Let’s see the major trends of the latest jeans fashion.

Ripped Jeans Fashion goes round in circles and ripped denim is a great example for this. The 90s trend is back in fashion. It doesn’t matter which type of jeans you prefer to wear, skinny jeans, wide legs or boyfriend style, all that matters is that they are torn jeans. Many celebrities were spotted wearing ripped jeans this spring. Ripped denim is definitely a casual look, an old trend which is now emerging on catwalks and fashion magazines also. You can easily create a chic look, by choosing the right accessories and a baggy top.

Tip! When buying a new pair of ripped jeans, don’t forget that these rips will get bigger with every washing, so it is better to choose a pair with tears that start lower on your thighs. You can even create your own pair of ripped jeans by slashing your favorite old pants, making them original and unique.

Jeggings Jeggings is a new term in the fashion vocabulary. The name itself comes from the merge of two fashion terms, namely jeans + leggings = jeggings. Because leggings and super tight skinny jeans were so popular in the last years, no wonder jeggings appeared on the fashion scene. These jeans are resembling skinny jeans, however they are more confortable and wearable. Jeggings fit very well and darker washes are even slimming and lifting certain areas like the bottom or the thighs and create the illusion of longer legs. This type of extremely tight jeans never goes out of fashion. Jaggings are pretty versatile and can go with lots of things, from tunics to dresses and long sweaters. For a glam look, wear them with chunky heels and accessorize with trendy scarves and stylish necklaces.

Boyfriend style This trend was introduced mainly by Katie Holmes and this type of slouchy worn jeans became very chic this season. As you can see from its name, the idea behind these pants is that girls usually like to borrow their boyfriends’ jeans, because of their comfortable look. Therefore, fashion designers started to create a women’s line. Boyfriend style jeans are very casual, you can wear them with nearly anything. Cuff them at a few inches above your ankle to create an original look.

Patched denim Patches can be of different colors, shapes and materials. Patches are great because they can distract the eye from the problematic areas. If you don’t like your hips, find a pair of jeans that has patches on the knee part. Patch jeans are really hot pieces of this year’s denim fashion and will definitely give you a trendy, funky look.