Prints know no limitations when it comes of this years fashion tendencies. The splatter-paint style trend 2010 is one of the great example that DIY style is in vogue and designers are open for new perspectives when it comes of patterns they use. Indeed those who would like to perk up their wardrobe with the most essential style items as well as prints of the season will have the chance to re-create the runway outfits by learning only a few tricks and following some basic instructions. These are few of the most chic fashion pieces that are decorated with the cute and dapper splatter-paint design.

As the brand new designer collections land on the runway millions of people grab their notebooks and put down the prints and colors that would make the right statement this season. Besdies the classy and timeless patterns as the animal, tribal or polka dots, you'll also find some of the futuristic and more sight-pleasing ones that encourage the use of colors and versatile designs as the digital prints and also the splatter-paint trend.

Those who would like to recycle their old t-shirts and jeans will have the chance to do it with a few pro tricks that can jazz up your stylish summer wardrobe. The splatter-paint style trend 2010 can be identified both in the case of accessories as shoes and bags as well as basic clothing items as tops, dresses and also skirts. No domain was left un-tackled when it comes of rainbow shades as well as the spontaneous use of these cute prints. Therefore make sure you read through the following tips when pulling of a chic splatter-paint outfit this season.

Forever 21Forever 21Forever 21Forever 21

In order to bring out the best of your splatter-painted clothing pieces make sure you wear them with neutral colored accessories. Those who would like to dress down the eye-popping impression of the apparel will have the chance to sport the printed tops with skinny jeans be it dark, light-washes, acid or distressed.

The more you would like to shift the attention to the upper wear the less stuffed and complicated should be the pants or shorts. This rule is valid also for the skirts, dresses as well as shirts and jeans. On the other hand some might like to flaunt their revolutionary fashion sense by mix/matching various prints. This can be also done if you are a master of the color palette as well as prints.

Dresses also look stunning when decorated with this special print. You can match them with heels or flats according to your preferences and play up the more cocktail attire allure with the help of a boyfriend blazer. This combination would make you definitely an attraction of the party. Those who would like to embed these dresses into their summer outfit can leave the look bare of any cover-ups and pair it with more relaxed sandals or converse. Use your creativity and define the purpose of your look then raid your wardrobe for the most important elements of your apparel and also accessories.

ASOSForever 21

Accessories as shoes and handbags but also belts and leggings when brightened up with the splatter-painting technique would attract immediate attention. The style-conscious public loves these youthful and groovy details be it examples on how to sport the neon and bright colored trends or keeping the look more classy with neutral tones. There's nothing more inspiring then creating your own patterns with the help of this print especially if you are eager to challenge your artistic and painting talent and start a brand new and chic makeover project with your clothes and accessories.

In this case all you need is a few tools and a style fantasy to realize. The basic instruments you'll use when creating your dapper splatter-printed top, dress or shoes are the following:
- Fabric Paint
- Paint Brush
- Rubber Gloves
- Paper Tissue or Newspaper

Follow the instructions below for the desired success.

Cheryl Colenet-a-porter

1st Step

Grab the shoes, handbags or pair of jeans you would like to tint with the various and earlier selected fabric paint shades. Make sure these are from fabric rather then plastic as it won't absorb the paint to create the proper patterns. Seal the area with paper tissues or newspaper and make sure you put theses also under the bag or shoes or jeans. This is the best way to protect the surroundings from stains that might be more difficult to remove.

2nd Step

Put on the gloves and use the paint brush to create the desired patterns on the fabric. Make it in a random or more organized manner. The more relaxed you'll be the greater the chance is for a stunning outcome. Limit yourself to various areas or cover the whole surface with the various or mono-colored design. Combine more shades for a groovy effect or stick to class and go for a single alternative.

3rd Step

After you completed the project make sure you leave the fabric dry for at least 2-3 hours. This is the ideal time for it to absorb the paint and not stain your skin or other clothes. Repeat the ritual as soon as the color patches start to fade or you would like to add this cute print to other style items as well.