The most awaited period of the year is about to come and every woman is extremely happy to see in every store pieces of paper announcing 50% or 75% sales. In this situations it is impossible to resist the temptation and in just a few seconds you find yourself inside the store buying things that will end in your closet with the label attached.

Back to basics. This is the perfect moment for you to invest in versatile, basic pieces for your wardrobe, things that will never go out of fashion. It’s time to buy blazers, jeans, a LBD (little black dress), but also a LWD (little white dress). Also, high-waisted clothes are a smart choice such as a pair of comfortable carrot pants and a high-waisted skirt. A trench and a Panama hat should also be the object of your shopping “investigation” that help you save money for the next spring/summer season.

Denim has been the hottest trend for spring/summer 2010. It has created an incredible madness getting to the point of wearing denim-on-denim, even though until now, this was a total fashion no-no. In fact, one thing it’s for sure, and that is denim will never go out of style. Jeans will always be trendy as it belongs to the classic, timeless category of fashion items. Invest in a straight-cut pair in a darker color, and in one of skinny jeans in a lighter color. You can also buy a pair of denim shorts for next summer.

A blazer is one of the smartest investments you can make for spring and chilly summer nights. Therefore, it is more than advisable to buy one while on sales in order to avoid paying triple next season. A boyfriend blazer will always look great with a feminine dress, a pair of jeans, or a mini ruffled skirt and a basic t-shirt.

Dresses. The most important clothing item for hot summer days is the dress whether we are talking about the short or the maxi one. Casual or more elegant made from light fabrics, a dress represents a basic element in our wardrobe. Invest in a white, breezy dress that you can match with flat sandals and colorful accessories. Also, make sure you purchase a colored dress, or one with floral prints.

Sandals. When it comes to sandals, 2010 was the year of gladiators. They were seen everywhere and they are certainly on sales. However, gladiator sandals are not the smartest choice you can make. On the other hand, a pair of platform sandals, with or without heels, are also basic items that every woman should have into her wardrobe. Next season, you’ll be able to wear them to many different outfits without being sorry of the investment.

When buying on sales, you must realize that all the pieces that are trendy right now, next season they must be out-of-date. Keep in mind that fashion trends change every season.

You should make a list before going shopping with all the things you need as you don’t have to buy every item is on sale. You must be completely sure that the things you are going to buy will be useful in your wardrobe.

If you go with someone, choose a reliable and sincere person that will help you decide upon the things that really flatter you. You don’t need someone who tells you to buy something anyway as it is on sales.