The fabulous series of collaborations of Vera Wang with Kohl’s granted us with high class collections of extremely wearable and universal outfits. These looks are perfect for both casual, office or semi-formal chic occasions thanks to their all-figure flattering quality. The feminine streamlined silhouettes paired with a sight-pleasing chromatic palette would win the heart of all those fashionistas who are keen to explore and merge the various tricky or more classy style waves into a flawless look.

If you wish to rule out the chance of looking overstyled, make sure you drop a glimpse at the Simply Vera Wang Spring 2011 Lookbook as the most stylish style gallery that lines up a wide cavalcade of apparel options all in the theme of the newest fashion tendencies. Accentuate your best assets as well as signature clothing style using these fab alternatives and don’t forget about accessories as shoes, handbags and also jewelry to crown your new season appearance.

The rich parade of prints tinted in the fab vibrant hues of the season will allow you complement your wardrobe with a color bomb. Use your style knowledge to team up the most flattering and harmonious tones and pull off similar apparel designs. The bright floral prints as well as abstract designs are here to challenge you to a dapper makeover and help you ditch out all the moth-eaten style pieces that took much of the space in your cold season wardrobe. Maintain the neat and polished aura of your appearance by making the most successful style options. The ‘it’ items of the upcoming months are all included in the Simply Vera Wang collection, therefore make sure you have the floral printed silky dress, the stylish cropped pants, cardigans and lady-like trousers at hand.

The urban chic style tendencies would take your outfits to the next level. It’s time to combine some of the comfiest and flirty designs with your signature fashion pieces and accessories. Minimalism is one of the keywords when it comes to sporting an all event-appropriate casual apparel. As a consequence, the muted and matte color palette used to envision these chic and flattering outfits serve as the secret weapon to achieve success. Pull of a too hot to handle and at the same time relaxed look and adopt that effortlessly chic attitude to bring out the most of your look.

Enjoy the beauty of simplicity, as the name of the complete collection reveals and explore the pocket-friendly version of the runway chic-inspired outfits. Sabotage monotony and use your imagination as well as style ambition to create some of the most inspiring outfits serving as the best blueprint for millions to copycat, leaving on their chic fashion stamp. Vitality and immaculate tailoring are undoubtedly some of the trademark style policies of Vera Wang, offering the fashion pack the opportunity to rock out the transition from catwalk to street trends, so wear them with confidence any time in need of a life-saving apparel idea.

Image courtesy of Kohl’s