One of the essentials steps to approach the ideal of a spotless outfit is indeed to choose some of the basic pieces and combine them in a stylish manner. This might sound difficult, therefore style specialists come to our rescue and save the day with some of the most voguish style tips. In this case shorts and blazer summer style tips offer you the chance to match these two fabulous piece into a single outfit that would catch the eyes of your admirers on the spot. Moreover it is a must to learn how to master the trend as it suits all body shapes. All you have to do is choose the most flattering shorts designs and wear them paired with your favorite blazer style. These are some of the basic tips to consider when it comes of finding the best fabric and tailoring of both style items. Spy on the most dapper looks for some inspiration.

Denim Short and Blazer

Denim lives its second revival when it comes of summer trends. Both the double denim as well as the shorts paired with blazer looks made their way to the runway. Therefore being a real trend-trotter make sure you also try out the cute looks and steal the accessorizing tricks of great designers.

One of the all time winner pairing rule would be to choose a nice t-shirt or shirt, the shorts as well as the cropped or boyfriend style blazer and complete the look with smashing footwear. For the Glam Rock effect it is a must to opt for ankle boots or stylish platforms. On the other hand in a more Boho style choose flats or cute sandals to complete your looks.

High-Waist Shorts

One of the hottest and at the same time feminine and dazzling style trends during the spring/summer 2010 season is indeed the blazer-high-waist shorts match. This recipe serves as the best means to step into the spotlight and accentuate your worth-admiring figure. Use your best assets, in this case your legs to add dimension to your silhouette. In this case all you have to do is choose shades that complement each other.

Moreover it is also useful to appeal to cropped blazer styles in order to let your shorts pop out from your cover-up and also don’t steal from the flattering dimensions. Sandals and pumps are in this case must have accessories in order to find the balance between the ultra-feminine and figure-complementing look. Make sure you have all the assets to show off when appealing to this bold and body-conscious trend.

Pleated and Cuffed Shorts and Blazer

In this case pro stylists advise your to spot the shorts style that best flatters your body shape and makes you feel confident in every circumstances. The leg-length as well as width will play a crucial role in your selection. These should be considered with great care, therefore make sure you sport shorts that are loose in case you are not perfectly pleased with your thighs or fitting if you are perfectly conscious of your best assets.

Furthermore after finding the best design make sure you choose a fitted t-shirt or top in order to even out the bulky effect and steal some inches from your waist area. Also one of the top options of great fashion gurus is also to pair the look with wedges or cute sandals. These both would add a summer breezy flair to your appearance no matter the event you are about to participate to.

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