Fashion trends change every and every season and this couldn’t be any more fabulous as it allows women to be diverse with their style, avoiding routine. The sexy chic fashion trend that is highly popular this summer has actually made a comeback as it is a style that has been quite popular in the past.

Vintage and retro fashion styles are making a huge comeback and its no surprise why; the elegance, style and sex appeal exuded by these styles are very difficult to top. The underwear style is highly emphasized this year and the iconic Madonna conic bra, the lace corsets and lingerie style outfits made a sensation on the podiums this 2010 summer seasons. Fashion designers choose their muses differently and it seems that sexy chic elegance was a muse for many fashion designers and houses including Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

Because this fashion trend is a bit extravagant but it exudes elegance and style, it should be worn by women with a great amount of confidence. If you feel this style is for you take the following tips into consideration as they are meant to help you adopt this style and capture all the attention:

Antonio Berardi spring 2010 Dolce&Gabbana spring 2010

Wear transparent or lace dressesDresses are very popular this summer as they offer women the chance to show their femininity in the most classic and elegant manner. Dresses made out of lace, chiffon or tulle look fabulous and help create a certain mystery, enhancing the sex appeal in a non-vulgar manner.

Use lingerie style outfits Lingerie style outfits in which the bra cup is very well defined, even conic such as Madonna’s trademark conic bra are highly popular, but they need quite an amount of confidence to be worn right. Only a powerful woman will be able to pull off this style which is meant to enhance femininity, style and sexiness. Whether a dress or a corset paired with a pair of shorts, his style looks fabulous.

Christian Dior 2010 Dolce&Gabbana 2010

Adopt vintage style shoes Shoes play a very important role in the look of an outfit, being able to transform it completely. High heel shoes are the best option for this type of outfit as they help give a different, more appealing and feminine posture to the body.

Inspire yourself from important fashion designers this year and try to be elegant and stylish in your sexy chic outfit. Underwear transformed into outerwear is most definitely one of the hottest trends of the moment so don’t hesitate to give this style a try. Photos via

Sophia Kokosalaki Versace spring 2010