It seems that the latest Mango ad campaign crowns the overwhelming and prolific collaboration of the popular clothing brand with one of the hottest actresses of Hollywood. The Scarlett Johansson for Mango Summer 2011 campaign created by Mario Sorrenti as the mastermind behind the whole fantasy portrays the young actress in an edenic scene at the Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills.

Scarlett flaunts her irresistible sex-appeal sporting her locks slicked-back and dressed up in the newest fashion operas of designers at Mango. Her makeup together with the ensembles radiate a tropical atmosphere perfect for the hot season. Check out the visionary shoot offering a few life-saving outfit ideas for your next makeover.

The Spanish fashion house pays its tribute to the supremacy of stylish shorts paired with minimalist tank tops. This apparel option is perfect to keep you uber-stylish all throughout the warm season. Choose the ideal length of the shorts, go for boyfriend shorts or sexier cuts to complement your silhouette. Scarlett is one of the most inspiring curvy celebs who knows how to bring out the most of her femininity. Follow her footsteps and let the Mango summer collections show you a few style hints worth experimenting with in the future.

Awaken your glam puss side with casual looks that still radiate a tint of high street refinement. The last campaign with Scarlett allows all Mango fans to explore the beauty of a few dazzling outfit options for the modern curvy beauty ideal. Fuse your favorite clothing items into a sophisticated and at the same time super-comfy look to obtain the same eye-catching effect the 26 years old actress did during the shoot.

The summer campaign grants dainty dresses and super-sexy mini skirts with the same prominence. Those who are familiarized with the collections of the Mango brand know how important it is for the clothing company to provide all aspiring trailblazers with universally-flattering frocks and stylish skirts. It’s time to discover the magical effect of these chic style items on your signature style. Sport the faddish designs with printed blouses or simple tank-tops.

There’s no need to go bold with your look if you wish to emphasize your fondness for neat and classy tailoring patterns. In her last campaign, Scarlett shows you how to breathe life into the most simple fashion items and fuse them into a scene-stealing look complemented with a smashing makeup and hairdo. In spite of the apparently dashing collaboration of Mango with the Hollywood diva, Kate Moss is considered the successor of Scarlett as the new face of the world-wide-known company.

Image courtesy of Mango