Shopping is not necessarily a bad habit (wink), as many people might think. Shopping can be fun, relaxing, and very resourceful when you need a new aesthetic experience or some inspiration.

When it comes to shopping, experts have only one rule: maximize each purchase. In translation: this doesn’t mean to spend less money, or getting the best price, but, to spend it correctly on a piece of clothing that worth the money. Got it?

You achieve spectacular savings if you adapt to the season. Don’t buy your bathing suit in June, but in September, it will cost less.

Also, shop after the season is over. A simple example is the day after Christmas. It is estimated that you’ll save up to 40% this time of the year. You’ll definitely know if you’re a good shopper when you’ll distinguish a promotion from a clearance, a two-for-one from a buy-one-get-one-half-off.

The little black dress a classic must-have when it comes to fashion – so look for it when going sales shopping. When you buy something, think smart – don’t buy just anything, it will quickly go out of fashion; invest your money in basic items, cashmere sweaters (very versatile and easy to care for), wool blazers, leather pumps. They’re always IN and you’ll save lots of money! Choose items with classic shapes and styles, and buy only colors that will work with your current wardrobe.

Be aware of the bargain. Though it might seem simply great, or it has a great vintage look, don’t buy something just because it’s extremely cheap!

Think less about the price tag and more about how this piece will fit into your wardrobe. If it doesn’t match your style, no matter how cheap it might be, leave it there. It’s another way of saving some money, in order to invest in something you really need or desire.