Fashion trends change every year and every season due to the fact that the seasons are different thus require different characteristics. Fashion is supposed to give men and women the chance to find their own style, allowing people to express their individuality.

The new ruffles fashion trend is standing out due to the delicacy of the lines and glamorous sophisticated look. A variety of vaporous fabrics have been used to create the gorgeous ruffled designs, fabrics such as tulle, organza, etc. Ruffles look fabulous and can be beautifully incorporated into gorgeous dress, skirt or blouse designs as they are meant to upgrade the look, attracting attention. The new fashion designs fit for this 2010 spring summer season are meant to enhance femininity and ruffles manage to do so exactly.

Wearing ruffles is not easy as they have to be emphasized using the right combination of colors and fabrics. Whether meant to be the main part of the design or to emphasize certain details of the design, ruffles look extraordinary but they are not for everyone. As they are an eye catching item, ruffles are usually an option for women who are not afraid of standing out of the crowd.

D&G spring 2010 Marc Jacobs spring 2010

The image created by ruffles is a sophisticated one, an image which is flirty, fun and elegant at the same time. Because of their beauty and style a number of important fashion designers opted to incorporate them into their 2010 spring summer fashion collections. D&G, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, Victor&Rolf, Valentino are only a few big names in the fashion industry who seem to have understood the importance and beauty of ruffled designs.

Fashion designers demonstrated that ruffles can be paired with different fabrics to create casual or formal fashion designs which would suit different personalities, styles and occasions. Ruffles look great and they are a definite must have this summer. Pair your ruffled skirt with cowboy boots and denim such as D&G, with high heels if you are wearing a ruffled dress just as Fendi or with flats such as Marc Jacobs.

Oscar De La Renta spring 2010 Valentino spring summer 2010

Ruffled accessories are also highly popular as they look outstanding. These statement accessories can be paired with a simplistic outfit in order to complete your look and create a gorgeous looking outfit. From ruffled bags to ruffled shoes, all fashion accessories look fabulous so include them in your wardrobe so you can be admired for your fabulous feminine fashion style. Photos via

Ralph Lauren spring 2010 Victor&Rolf 2010