Exuberance, a playful attitude, bursts of vibrant colors and eye-catching details seem to be the main style influences that describe the spring summer 2011 season. Romance, femininity and elegance are emphasized through a great variety of impeccable designs that can make anyone stand out without even trying. The effortless chic style has never been easier, considering the multitude of flattering outfits that can be created in the blink of an eye.

The Roberto Cavalli collection applies all of the concepts described above and even more, presenting a series of surprising and incredibly alluring pieces that raise the standards in terms of elegance and sophistication. Anabela Belikova, Rasa Zukauskaite and Lucas Mascarini are the models that present the extravagant creations of the luxury label. No details are left to chance in this amazing lookbook that challenges our perceptions about style, encouraging us to rethink our choices.

With an undeniable 70s inspiration, the lookbook has a strong bohemian vibe, especially if we judge by the number of airy flowing dresses that can be noticed. Sequins, psychedelic floral, animal or abstract prints and cherry-picked accessories are all worth analyzing a little bit closer as they are truly breath-taking.

Long, feminine dresses are an important part of the collection. Minimalism and modesty are two concepts that are easily left aside in the collection, being replaced by boldness and a myriad of complex prints and attention grabbing color combinations. Unsurprisingly, animal and floral prints dominate. Although one type of print is generally used, the designer doesn’t shy away from mixing prints even in the same outfit or choosing an accessory with a different type of print that immediately stands out. Even though this usually seems like a tough challenge to tackle, the looks presented manage to appear surprisingly harmonious, yet extremely sophisticated.

Even though when it comes to dresses, the layering technique is rarely applied in order to keep the effortless chic vibe, accessories play a vital role in most cases. Clutches and handbags in neutral tones appear as the main choice, even though exceptions from this “rule” can also be spotted. The emphasis on comfort is more than obvious in the case of casual dresses as flat sandals are the alternative that is chosen to complete the looks. Chandelier earrings, thin scarfs or long simple necklaces are other accessories that complete the look.

If we take a closer look at shorter, more elegant dresses, a couple of differences tend to stand out. Although flat sandals are still used, golden high heeled peep toe sandals are often preferred for a more sophisticated look. Elongating the legs and creating a fairly noticeable contrast, these shoes are the ideal imperfect match for the looks displayed. Aside from the structure of the outfits and the amazing hues and prints, the multitude of elements that come from various sources of inspiration represent the detail that truly makes this lookbook so spectacular and memorable.

Photo courtesy of Roberto Cavalli