For many women, the Valentino brand is practically a synonym for high class, elegance and glamor with a high note of femininity. The Red Valentino label is no exception, adopting many of the principles that have contributed to the success of the brand as a whole. Focusing on a rather restricted color palette, the spring/summer 2011 collection has a dainty vibe which is cleverly combined with a rather conservative approach for a perfectly balanced and irresistibly cute result.

Short dresses clearly dominate the collection as they are one of the most eloquent expression of femininity. Ruffles, lace details or bows are just some of the details used to create interest through texture. The pale colors and the rather inconspicuous details create the impression of understated elegance and lady-like glamor. Although the nude hues and the simple designs might create the impression of maturity, the dresses are very youthful at the same time. The subtle, yet striking differences that exist between similar items increase the overall versatility of the collection to a great extent.

The soft color palette consisting of pale pink, white or ivory is well contrasted by darker neutral hues such as gray, navy blue tones and even black. The navy influence is a remarkable one as we are able to spot quite a few outfits that reflect the theme perfectly. Interestingly, although casual looks are also used, the majority of the navy inspired looks are highly sophisticated and elegant.

Stripes are another hot trend embraced by the brand this season, as they are the perfect solution for those who want something simple, yet not simplistic. While horizontal stripes can look absolutely adorable, they might not be the most flattering choice for women with generous curves, so make sure to choose your style wisely.

A fabulous pair of shorts is a perfect choice if you wish to emphasize your long, lean tanned legs. If you take the Red Valentino brand as a reference, then simple, monochrome and somewhat loose-fitting styles are the way to go. If you opt for white shorts, make sure to pair them with a more dramatic color for a balanced trendy look.

One of the most versatile trends that are reinvented each season, the denim fashion trend is also well reflected through the collection. Combined with other pieces that highlight another hot trend such as floral prints or in a more daring manner which attempts to challenge the belief that the denim-on-denim look is a big fashion no no, denim pieces are a must have fashion staple this season.

Whether you go for dark washed, universally flattering denim styles or you prefer lighter colors, the collection offers plenty of styles to choose from. Keep things simple, yet interesting by pairing the jeans with fun, in season accessories such as a cute pair of espadrille wedges and you’re good to go. Choose youthful, on trend pieces that can be easily mixed and matched together and standing out will no longer be an issue this season.

Photo courtesy of Valentino