A diary that reveals the amazing and most beautiful years of childhood, when nothing seemed to stand in our way and problems were just a faraway dream. Yellow pages of an old diary open in front of us with flowers, toys, books and all those items specific to that period. Moreover, the clothes in the collection come and perfectly complete the painting with sheer cotton dresses, bows, silk skirts, and sweet colors that take us back to innocence. This is the Rachel Antonoff spring/summer 2011 lookbook. Take a look and enjoy this amazing journey!

Featuring “30 Rock” actress Katrina Bowden and Elite new model Ruby Jean, and one cute kitten, the Rachel Antonoff spring/summer 2011 lookbook is just like the diary of a stylish, young girl who loves to have fun and play with colors, prints and fabrics.

This seems to be the most appropriate collection for the warm season when we are allowed to try a more flirty style. Breezy dresses, girly skirts, shorts, silky blouses, overalls, and adorable prints and details represent the main ingredients of this style.

There is no warm season without dresses, skirts and shorts. Well, the Rachel Antonoff spring/summer 2011 collection offers all these items. Silk shorts with heart-shaped pocket top detail, cotton voile dresses, tailored buttoned-up tops, gingham blouses take us into the magical world of childhood where light, soft colors reflect purity and sweetness, while one-of-a-kind prints and embellishments add a special vibe.

Get ready to revive those whimsical years when clothes were the reflection of an innocent age. Besides the atmosphere of a typical teen bedroom, a collection of “Babysitters Club” books, old records, band instruments, horse figurines and toys represent elements that flawlessly complete this childhood diary of style.

The collection draws its inspiration from a teen’s dream bedroom. The shooting took place in the house in which Rachel grew up and it was made by photographer Lindsey Byrnes. Her brother, Jack, took care of the prop styling, mixing different pieces, some of them being new, others from her childhood, such as “Babysitters Club” books, musical instruments, or records. However, the starlet in the lookbook seems to be a sweet kitten that is featured on every page of this diary.

Speaking about this unique approach of a lookbook and about the character that spiced up the shooting, Rachel said that “I really like how the kitten is in every shot but often lost amongst the stuffed animals. If you have the opportunity to work with a kitten, I highly recommend it. I think the shoot probably took twice as long because of all the kitten playing breaks we took!”

Image courtesy of Rachel Antonoff