Creating a resort collection serves almost exclusively the aim of providing the fashion pack with wearable as well as street chic appropriate style ideas. Therefore it is wise to take a closer look at the Proenza Schouler Resort 2011 collection which allows you to live out all your fashion fantasies when it comes of prints and also versatile tailoring designs. Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough as the ace designers behind this brand decided to draw some inspiration from their recent trip taken to India.

In spite of the lack of traditional clothing items that are closely associated with this culture, the style gurus decided to still immerse the various apparels with the classy prints and busy details that are characteristic of India. Moreover color use as well as the various outfit elements radiate the Indian urban chic meets Preppy vibe which is just perfect for the modern fashionista who are eager to try their hand at the colorful and at the same time ethnic inspired trends providing them with the privilege to stand out from the crowd.

This time the Proenza Schouler girl sticks to the use of vibrating prints and patterns in more neutral shades as gray, blue, black and white. Additional pieces were drenched into other pastel shades and brick red and on the top metallic tones as silver and gold. The resort collection includes a multitude of casual chic as well as semi-formal attires that tame our need to find a complete repertoire of outfits that are appropriate for the various events we wish to attend.

Bandhani tie-dyeing was indeed one of the central techniques to make the stylish shirts,dresses and tops even more eye-catching. Inspired by the Indian print tradition, these outfits would radiate a more cutting edge and revolutionary attitude towards the new world order of graphic deigns that seem to weaken the supremacy of stripes, dots and checks. Luxurious cocktail dresses and complete ensembles come in gold and silver which gives these cute and dainty dresses a more cosmopolitan and feminine aura.

Those who wish to sneak a tint of Preppy chic into their formal wear outfit will have the chance by adopting one of the fashion alternatives promoted by Proenza Schouler in the 2011 resort collection. The stylish dresses are complemented with lace-up and cut-out leather sandals that enhance the looks with an urbane chic vibe. Those who just can’t wait until the warm weather arrives should combine these cute outfits with oh-so-popular ankle or knee-high socks. This is indeed one of the great tricks to master the transition from one season to another. Crown your latest wardrobe acquisitions with the stylish Proenza Schouler Baja Tops and Bandhani style shirts and dresses.

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