Prada Fall 2009 RTW Collection - here's a quick resume of the Prada Fall 2009 RTW collection. Find out what are the key pieces and fashion trends at Miuccia Prada's Fall 2009 RTW collection.

Prada is perhaps best represented in Miuccia's strong interest in unusual fabrics, most of her creations being described as cool, comfortable, pure, graceful, and minimalistic.

With an extreme sense of intuition, Prada easily means unique shapes and beautiful clothes.

The Prada Fall 2009 RTW collection succeeded one again to impress everybody. With simple, but very modern creations, Miuccia returns to an archetype in our existence, that of a warrior woman. No wonder that the colors are perfectly chosen, the details and the accessories match one another in a very balanced, daring and incisive attitude.

Prada RTW Fall 2009 Collection

The key items in Prada Fall 2009 RTW collection are - no doubt about it - the thigh-high fisherman boots.
Besides them, in this battle-ready collection, a flapper dress made with strips of leather and wool dress coats in earth reds are also stars.

But dresses were also made of silk and satins! The colors evoked autumn beautifully - red, olives, blacks and browns.

2009 Fall Fashion Trends

The plunging necklines that Miuccia had in mind for this fashion show surely made impression, sometimes down to the belly button, creating a very exotic, sexual appealing and dominant attitude.

The Prada Fall 2009 RTW collection also included cinched waists, mile wide shoulders, cropped jackets with long tails, leather pants (peek-a-boo cut-out included). A very interesting element in Prada show was Miuccia deep interest in the waist line, accentuating it in different outfits.
Pulling woolen shorts over a ribbed red cardigan had almost the same effect as playing with extremely different textures for an absolute contrast.

Fall 2009 Runway Fashion Trends