Embrace fashion romanticism with dresses that demand no special adornments or bright colors whatsoever. The Poète spring/summer 2011 collection features a lot of eye-catching items that draw the attention through soft ruffles, delicate lace and light shades. There is nothing ‘loud’ and shocking about this collection, yet it is captivating and alluring due to its amazing simplicity.

Do you love sweet colors and velvety, flowing fabrics? Do you consider ruffles, pleats, lace and silk the perfect embodiment of femininity? If you answered ‘yes’ to these two questions, you have big chances of being a romantic personality when it comes to fashion and style.

From graceful whites and nudes to feminine details and frilly pieces, the new Poète collection for the forthcoming season is a great combination of girlishness and sophistication that can successfully meet all the requirements of a romantic girl.

It is already a fact that lace is one of the prettiest fashion trends for spring/summer 2011. Lace is flirty and youthful and it can add an angelic flair to your look. Emphasize the oh so romantic style by mixing lace with fun bows. A white lace top is so precious and so versatile, perfect for a day-night transition.

When thinking about summer days, the first two things that come into our mind are mild breeze and warm sun rays. Soft pinks are light and feminine and work amazing for days when the heat outside becomes rather unbearable. All those whimsical blush shades, cute pleats and adorable ruffled dresses in the Poète spring/summer add an adorable, yet ladylike touch to your romantic look. Besides, a touch of red makes a beautiful accent shade.

Photos courtesy of Poète