It has already been proved that romanticism is the key word to describe the upcoming season in matters of fashion and style. At least this is the feeling we get by taking a glimpse at various lookbooks for spring/summer 2011. And Pepa Loves makes no exception to this rule. In fact, the fashion label from Malaga brings a beautiful collection where you can find something a bit different.

The Pepa Loves spring/summer 2011 lookbook seems to perfectly embody the happiness, ingenuousness and colors found in the collection. Like always, Pepa comes with feminine, playful and colorful pieces, soft details and unique, utterly beautiful accessories.

If there is one element that can be found almost throughout the entire collection and which plays an important role too, that is the famous print. Well, prints, in a wide range of colors and styles, add a funny and fresh touch, brightening up a dull outfit. Lovely hats with girly ribbons, romantic flowers, anchors, bold navy-inspired prints are all amazing things to fall in love with.

The Pepa Loves spring/summer 2011 lookbook also contains dazzling bright colors on short dresses and skirts with sweet, soft cuts and details. Violet, bright red, pink or yellow are among the hottest colors that make everything look even more interesting and delicious.

Moreover, red hearts and pretty bows perfectly complete the romantic theme. As for the accessories, special shoes, handbags, brooches and hair accessories represent the key elements for girls who want to feel freer and more feminine without losing a certain innocence.

Oh, we simply love stripes! They are not only great when it comes to sculpting and slimming the body, of course, if properly chosen and worn, but they are so stylish and chic. Diagonal or vertical, stripes can also be found in the Pepa Loves spring/summer 2011 collection on different clothing items from t-shirts to summer dresses, adding a little fun and feminizing the silhouette. Nautical-inspired stripes makes us dream of an amazing cruise, an interesting combination between adventure and style. Besides flowers, stripes and other funny prints, we can also find check-patterned pieces which are very popular and bring a certain energy to the overall aspect.

Photos courtesy of Pepa Karnero