Patricia Field is an Academy Award nominated, Emmy Award winning film and television costume designer. Moreover, she has a boutique with her own clothing collections. She is also known for her crucial contribution in the most fashionable show ever, “Sex and the City”. She also took care of the styling work for “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, “Dear Diary”, “Ugly “Betty”, and many more. For Halloween 2010 she prepared a “halloweenesque”, yet very stylish and glam collection.

Halloween gives you the perfect opportunity to embody any character you feel like. You now have the chance to play with different styles, dare a bolder makeup, and, why not, try a crazy, unique wig. The most common, traditional costumes for Halloween are those impersonating monsters, vampires, or demons. However, before choosing the costume you think of wearing on this special day, take a peek to Patricia Field’s Legendary Halloween costumes. Consider of wearing an angelic or a devilish costume, or reveal the wild side in you, going for a leopard costume.

Closer to Heaven CostumeDaring Devil Costume

CougarPhantom of the Opera

Besides the classic costume models, this collection also has more unique styles. You can play one of the Flintstones characters and choose the Pebbles-so-chic costume with the distinctive wig and bone, or an unisex Flintstone costume that you can wear in the most modern and stylish way matching it with a cool studded belt and a chic clutch.

Halloween is all about being bold and trying something new. For this, there are other more daring options in Patricia Field’s Legendary Halloween collection. Even though they look rather sexy and provocative, they can be a perfect choice for the most scary night of the year. You can look very hot with a cute, short dress, a tuxedo bunny, or a fierce madame officer costume.

Pebbles-so-chicUnisex Flintstone

Tuxedo BunnySeductive Mouse

Besides these gorgeous costumes, you can also find various accessories, such as masks, bow headbands, top hats, wing hats, feathery headpieces, different types of eye patches, and amazing necklaces and bracelets. For Halloween 2010 you can try a new hair color. However, you don’t have to use hair dye for this, as Patricia Field’s collection offers a wide range of wigs, such as Gaga wig, Madame Pompadour, Marie Antoinette, or Afro wig.

Metal Spike Eye PatchGaga Wig

Slave Bracelet with FringeRhinestone Bow Tie Necklace

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