Ripping still managed to conquer the top position when it comes of doing a stylish makeover to our jeans. However it seems that other chic techniques are re-invented by famous designers. Patching is one of these methods that can serve both as a functional method as well as offers a groovy flair to our look. Using fabrics of various colors and sizes will prove to be the best idea to brighten up an old pants that still looks up-to-date and feels comfortable. In order to find some useful designs skim through the patched jeans trend 2010 collections, with mastermind in the background as Chloé, Karl Lagerfeld or William Rast.

Steal their tricks to copycat some of the runway outfits and lose yourselves into the creating process. Designing your own patched jeans style will bring no difficulties if your learn from the best, and follow the basic guidelines offered by professionals. Pre-planning is paramount therefore have all the necessary instruments and materials at hand to be prepared for the complex procedures. Turn you room into a real fashion workshop and choose the right jeans cut be it skinny or boot-cut and even boyfriend style and perk it up with additional accessories as these outstanding patches.

Balenciaga 2010 Balenciaga 2010

First and foremost you’ll need some special fabrics to create your patches. It is important both to take into consideration the size as well as color of these. Draw your desired style on a paper and plan the whole process from the small details to the overall look. However if you would like to be spontaneous skip this step and get down to work. In case you would like to add a colorful tint to your jeans opt for patches that have a contrastive shade with the wash of the jeans. On the other hand if you wish to create a harmonious aspect to your pants match the right color of the various fabrics to the base shade of the jeans. Measure the patches carefully, both if your want them to be them large enough to hold from edges to edges or smaller.

Professionals also advise you to wash the patches carefully so that you get the original shade of the fabric that often lightens due to this process. Always use cold water when doing it since the excessive warmth might shrink, deteriorate and de-colorate the material which is one of the qualities of ripped jeans. Moreover it is also important to wash the jeans, in order to attach the patches to a neat surface. This is a wise idea also in order to won’t be forced to wash the patched jeans right after completing the stitching phase.

Balenciaga 2010 Balenciaga 2010

The next phase is pinning the patches to the jeans. This is extremely important to be able to see the overall look when the extra-details will be attached. This will also help you place these to the right spot. For a dramatic effect go for the smaller and colorful designs, for a patchwork-style look opt for the larger and neutral colored patches. Use as many pins as necessary in order to properly fix the accessories to the initial material.

Sewing machines are used as the chief means to complete a similar project. Zig-zag stitches are the traditional pattern used to create a patched style item.Therefore set the machine to the proper design and start the makeover. It is also highly recommended to purchase threads that resemble in color with the shade of the jeans. This is the basic condition that would secure the blending of the patches into the overall fabric. A harmonious effect is created with the help of similar tricks. Those who would like to turn back to basics and enjoy handcrafts can go for the hand-sewing and preferably the loop stitches. This method which allows you to monitor the actual steps still might presuppose less precision and the risk of sewing accidents.

Finally cut down the stitches so that they seem invisible and wear your brand new pair of patches jeans with confidence. Pair your pumps or flats as well as a stylish top or a sporty t-shirt to take advantage of its universal effect.

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