Are you looking for the perfect party dress and don’t know what would look good on you? Chic dresses, from bubble or bell-shaped, to A-line or high waisted, we’ll help you choose the ones that compliment your body!

Bubble dresses

A creative detail – a twist of the fabric meant to replace the simple hem, has turned the simple dress into a glamorous cocktail dress. It’s a great option for slender, androgynous body types, because adds volume to the hips. Keep the length at your knee or just below and pick a soft fabric that will swish and swirl around you. Match it with a pair of high heels to make your legs longer.

Bubble DressBlack Dress

Maxi dresses

Silk, satin or chiffon, simple or sophisticated, or even embellished – these large dresses are the greatest choice for really special occasions. They cheat visually and make your shape look slimmer and longer. Try to avoid accessories. It is more than enough if you wear a gorgeous ring.

Green Maxi DressRed Maxi Dress

Empire Waist

Dresses with empire waists – raised waistlines that fall right below the bust line can be great for hiding a thicker middle or showing off a stunning cleavage. Unfortunately, wearing a poorly fitting empire dress could make you look preggers and put others on unnecessary bump-watch. So make sure you’re getting the size that fits you perfectly.

Empire Waist Lace DressEmpire Waist Dress