Oysho is a brand that belongs to the Inditex group, specialized in lingerie and home wear. The latest collection, for fall/winter 2010-2011, is full of girly, warm, comfortable pieces, yet feminine and sexy. A retro influence can be noticed through the high-waisted panties, but also the bustier and the body. Romantic, yet sophisticated and precious fabrics, such as tulle, velvet or lace, and cute prints like flowers, dots, stripes, or animal prints are used to complete the Lolita touch of the collection.

The colors used for the collection are varied. However, there are a few colors that predominate being constantly seen in some of the warm clothing items. Camel, gray, navy blue, green and brown tones are beautifully embellished by applications of gems and bohemian velvet or leather elements as elbow-patches or edges.

Everyone loves to spend cold winter weekends staying around the house, wearing something extremely comfortable and cosy, yet feeling attractive and feminine. The Oysho fall/winter 2010-2011 collection is the one offering shorts, soft cardigans, basic tops, woolen shorts, or slippers, which represent the perfect ingredients for a quite, warm morning with a cup of hot tea and delicious chocolate muffins.

The collection also comes with girly accessories such as scarves, headbands with cute tulle flowers and gorgeous hairpins adorned with timeless pearls. This special winter line is specially made for those who love to mix innocence and sophistication, childish and sexy using clothes and accessories.

Oysho is a brand that sells the latest fashion trends in women’s lingerie and intimate apparel. Besides, you can find urban and casual outerwear and comfortable loungewear, but also unique accessories. Oysho was founded in 2001 and in the present it has 406 stores in 24 countries.

Photos courtesy of www.oysho.com