Choosing the right type of dress is a must when it comes to any formal or casual occasion as there are a variety of dresses designs to choose from. This diversity is due to the fact that women have different body types and that fashion trends change from season to season, so one can choose a trendy and stylish dress which will best enhance your body type.

One of the new comeback trends when it comes to dresses is the one shoulder trend, and these dresses not only look amazing, they also manage to create a perfect balance between sexy and innocent.

It seems that revealing just one shoulder while covering the other one with a short sleeve or a wide or narrow strap can help draw attention towards the upper body, and this can be highly beneficial for most women. To find the best suiting design for you make sure you try out different designs so you can determine visually what suits you and what doesn’t.

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Fashion designers this year seem to have found their muse into simplicity and glamor as the new spring/summer 2011 one shoulder dress designs are either simple or sophisticated, the style of the cut being the detail which attracts most the attention. There are a variety of designs available to choose from and they all look fabulous. From simple tight fitting designs to flowing designs, you can select the one shoulder dress that suits your body type as well as occasion.

Women with a wider back should however avoid one shoulder dresses as they will only emphasize the width of the back and this is exactly the opposite of what your body type needs.

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One shoulder dresses have a very Greecian goddess feel, and this only aids their attractiveness. Go for simple short one shoulder dresses if you have gorgeous legs and choose a longer length if you have thick legs or just want to draw attention towards the upper body. Depending on personal preference and occasion you can choose simple one shoulder dresses or, if you really want to look glamorous you can opt for a stylish sophisticated one shoulder dress which will definitely make you capture all the attention.

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