Women love to look good even at work, but sometimes we may just not know what to choose. Picking out the appropriate look for work means respecting certain strict rules. According to your job, you can experience and draw your inspiration from the spring/summer 2010 trends by picking out dresses, blazers, blouses or trench coats.

When choosing a proper office outfit one should consider to balance the look by going for simple shapes, colorless clothes, yet not too dull, and not too short or too long clothes. Put your imagination to the test and create original office outfits looking at the spring/summer trends. From retro to modern, you have plenty of sources of inspiration.


If you love wearing dresses even at the office, this year you’ll be surprised by the numerous versions of shapes, colors and texture combinations.

The little black dress is a classic, timeless piece especially if matched with an oversized necklace. Following the 2010 trends you should pair the LBD with a white blazer or with one in the classic white-black combination. White and black is the hottest combination this year and designers used it to recreate retro prints with dots and stripes on modern dresses, juxtaposing diaphanous fabrics.

Bows, flounces and frills represent an interesting alternative for creating a retro-chic style, especially if we keep the color scale white-black-gray-ecru and eventually with red tones. A winning combination is that of a diaphanous dress with floral prints, a plain cardigan or coat trench and a fine belt.

For those of you who are more into chromatic minimalism, there are several ways of choosing a modern office dress. On the other hand, you may be the avangardist type and then you can enjoy the neon shades proposed this year such as blue, green and yellow. By combining them with minimalist clothing items, it will certainly be the boldest office statement.


Designers proposed this year a wide palette of skirts. The most spectacular comeback was that of the pencil skirt, high-waisted and at knee level. You can pair it with a lace or leather top (Celine), a plain silk shirt (Yves Saint Laurent) or one with prints.
If you are a little bit bolder, try a short lace or silk skirt (Christian Dior) paired with blazers and short trench coats or leather skirts (Celine and Yves Saint Laurent).

Burberry Prorsum proposed the draped skirts which you can combine with a classic blazer.


The combination possibilities are even more numerous when it comes to pants. The high-waisted version is still the most popular, while lengths can vary from short and elegant tailoring (Jil Sander) to capris, long, baggy or straight-cut and slightly flared pants. A trendy mix is that of straight and fluid fabrics of triangular and round elements. For example, you can pair your baggy pants with a fluid blouse or with a blazer and your capris with a breezy chiffon shirt. And by adding a boyfriend blazer (Stella McCartney) we can create the perfect elegant look. Another interesting mix is that between long, flared pants and a nude body or a lace top (Celine, Yves Saint Laurent).


Jumpsuits represent a difficult style to manage, but worn properly they can be a perfect choice for work. Keep it as simple as possible. A long-sleeved jumpsuit with long pants in a neutral color, accessorized with a belt and a blazer can become an original office outfit. When buying a jumpsuit make sure you stay away from extremes.

Avoid too tight or too loose styles. Very stylish and sophisticated jumpsuits can be found in Givenchy spring/summer 2010 collection. You can also draw your inspiration from Antonio Berardi or the Viktor & Rolf Resort 2010 Collections.