The interesting concept of Nor Black Nor White tries to bring a touch of modernism to the outfits that maintain the traditional Indian characteristics. Designers Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya have embarked on a journey which tries to combine modernism with the traditional Indian craftsmanship, and their hard work has been transposed into a fabulous fashion collection, the Nor Black Nor White Spring Up 2011 collection.

The collection underlines different styles which are characteristic to certain regions of India, styles which if combined with more modern elements look absolutely amazing. India is known for the fabulous tie-dying, gorgeous embroideries as well as beading techniques. Why not take these precious techniques and try to use them to create a today’s style outfit, perfect for the modern Indian girl. Each collection is inspired by a certain region of India and this collection is inspired by the details and craftsmanship present in the Kachchh, Gujarat region.

The Spring Up 2011 fashion collection signed Nor Black Nor White is absolutely fabulous and manages to bring a patch of color to the fashion scene. The collection is perfect for the women who love color and love fabulous prints which are obtained through great tie-dye techniques known as bandhani khatri. Most people prefer subtle but not the designers for the Nor Black Nor White so if you’re prepared to shine through the bold outfit choice opt for one of these Spring Up designs.

The outfits are created using fabrics which help maintain that casualness and comfort Indian outfits exude, whether it’s through a lovely cross back straps casual dress or a pair of cool sweats paired with a lovely blouse. Detail is everything when it comes to a comfortable as well as stylish outfit and the details featured in this adorable fashion collection are highlighting the particular characteristics of Indian regions.

Pay attention to detail and go bold, as prints and vivid colors are more that hot this spring summer 2011 season, so don’t hesitate to experiment with your favorite shades created by Nor Black Nor White.

Photos courtesy of norblacknorwhite