Designed to appeal to modern, fit women on the go, the sportswear industry is constantly coming up with new ideas to appeal to its consumers and to meet their needs as accurately as possible. The well known brand Nike seems to be among the most active ones in the industry when it comes to releasing new style options that are designed to help women perk up their style whenever needed.

The latest Nike 6.0 lookbook makes no exception, as it reunites some of the fittest women of the moment. Ellery Hollingsworth, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Carissa Moore and Lakey Peterson have all made an appearance for the latest lookbook of the brand, giving it a fun and youthful allure along the way.

Comfort, functionality and complete confidence are certainly the main attributes that best describe the lookbook. Therefore, the brand’s spirit is reflected to perfection by the photos which undoubtedly describe the ultimate active vacation options.

Unsurprisingly, the impression of an effortless chic style appears to be the main concern of the brand that seems to focus on creating simple utilitarian outfits in alluring vibrant colors. The tomboy attitude is gently softened by well chosen accessories for the ultimate chic and fashionable look. Most of the outfits shown are deceptively simple without focusing too much on creating obvious focal point. Simple without being simplistic, most of the outfits are perfectly supportive of the idea that less is truly more and that confidence is ultimately the most important thing a woman can wear.

The lookbook also features some swimwear choices for the summer season. Indeed nothing says summer more than fun brightly colored swimsuits with interesting patterns for the ultimate sun bathing session. Both the fun and sexy swimwear options and the mesmerizing landscape make us long for the hot summer days even more.

Due to their strong emphasis on comfort as well as their highly casual allure, the looks presented are extremely easy to adopt on a day to day basis. Building outfits around basic versatile pieces while paying attention to color coordination and accessorizing is undoubtedly the most stress free alternative to style most women on the go can adopt right away to up their style quotient.

Browse through the Nike 6.0 Spring 2011 looks presented and start planning on the pieces that will make up your wardrobe this spring/summer season to be able to have a polished casual look every single day.

Photo courtesy of Nike