Among so many different summer collections, there is one that seems to draw all the attention due to its incredible colors, intricate beading and one-of-a-kind embellishments, and the fabrics used. Both affordable and wearable, the New Look spring/summer 2011 collection stands out through its interesting modern-vintage combination managing to cover all the trends of the season.

From crisp white and beige to bright, fruity colors, from romantic florals to flirty dots and chic stripes, this is one extremely rich collection that has something in order to please everyone. Moreover, the New Look shoes and platform sandals are fabulous and vintage-like handbags are absolutely beautiful.

A well-chosen pair of pants can be a real lifesaver during summer, especially if you choose one made from a light fabric. The pants in the New Look spring/summer 2011 collection might be difficult to wear since they are absolutely delicious due to their sweet candy colors. Bright pink or green smooth, silky pants that gently cover your legs sounds more like a caress. This new line manages to cover a large palette of pants styles, from carrot pants and skinny to wide leg and flared, ’70s-inspired pants.

Nothing seems to describe better the warmer season than a pair of shorts. Practical and versatile, shorts are suitable for every occasion and flatter almost every body shape.

The New Look spring/summer 2011 collection comes with a wide range of shorts making our choice rather difficult. You just have to know your personal style and choose a pair that works best for you. You have plenty of possibilities, whether you want something more sexy and bold made from silk or a more office-appropriate high-waisted pair of shorts. Floral prints can be seen also on shorts, while the timeless denim comes into the spotlight used for different clothing items.

The truth is that there is no warm season without dresses and skirts. These are two essential pieces that bring a fresh touch to our look during hot summer days. You can wear breezy, flowy dresses made from summer-appropriate fabrics, such as silk, lace or cotton. The New Look spring/summer 2011 contains something for every style, therefore you have plenty of variants available, from maxi to short dresses and skirts, with beautiful prints and psychedelics. Still, there are two other special items that drew our attention and which are key pieces of the New Look collection, the denim and the floral printed jumpsuits.

Photos courtesy of New Look