Whether you’re already familiar with the spring/summer 2014 trends or are just starting out updating your looks, find out which trends are truly easy to wear for women of all shapes and sizes and improve your seasonal outfits.

Discover the most wearable summer 2014 trends and decide which work best with your personal style, in order to update your wardrobe and get the trendy look this summer, without becoming a fashion victim.

1. Sheer

For both tops and bottoms, sheer is in this season. If you’re not a fan of daring looks, look for sheer paneling and tops with sheer sleeves. You can easily layer it, but showing off some skin is the main reason why this trend ruled the runways for this season. 

Sheer Fabrics Summer 2014 Trendphoto: Nicole Warne

Whether it’s evening or weekend looks, make sheer fabrics a part of your trendy summer wardrobe.

2. Floral Prints

Floral Prints Summer 2014 Trendphoto: Jennifer Wang

When it comes to floral prints, tropical is the way to go if you want to try one of the most wearable summer 2014 trends. Go for exotic leaves and flowers. From Stella McCartney to Dior, the biggest names in fashion have been pushing this cool trend. If you prefer delicate and small floral prints, make sure the fabric is light and airy.

3. Shine

Metallics are making a bold statement this summer, in many collections, from Marc Jacobs and Lanvin to Jason Wu and Diane von Furstenberg. 

Soft Satin Summer 2014 Trendphoto: Hannah Louise

Satin is a great choice for a summer look that’s sure to impress, but you can also go for a more translucent shine and go for two trends in one piece. Since they easily transition from day to night, fabrics with a touch of shine are a safe bet this summer.

4. Luxe Sportswear

Sporty creations that also have a touch of high fashion are definitely one of the most wearable summer 2014 trends. From dressy sweatpants to leather joggers, sporty items are best when they’re in expensive fabrics. 

Luxe Sportswear Summer 2014 Trendphoto: Micah Gianelli

With or without sheer paneling, sporty chic looks are a big trend, as long as they’re always dressed up with heels.

5. Wide-Leg Pants

While the trouser silhouettes for this summer aren’t as exaggerated as palazzo pants, wide is a good thing. 

Wide Leg Pants Summer 2014 Trendphoto: Margaret Zhang

They might be more flattering for taller women, but there are always ways to incorporate this cool trend into your summer wardrobe and still keep it flattering despite your height. Simply go for a high waisted version and less flare.

6. White Shirt

Coming back with a modern twist, the dressy white shirt is hands down one of the most wearable summer 2014 trends. Pair with a black skirt or pants for a truly elegant look or mix it up with brighter colors to represent your style. 

White Shirt Summer 2014 Trendphoto: Jessica R.

The only thing you need to worry about when picking a white shirt is making sure it has a distinctive feature, that really makes it stand out.

7. Tea-Length Skirts

Whether you’re pairing a tea-length skirt with a crop top for a fun casual look or choosing a dress that can easily replace the summer maxi, this length is definitely one of the coolest trends you should try this summer. 

Tea Length Skirt Summer 2014 Trendphoto: Rae Shoemaker

The key to keeping it modern is showing some skin. If you’re not comfortable with baring your midriff, go for a strapless dress.

8. The Shift Blouse

The sophisticated version of an expensive tee, the shift blouse has been making the rounds as one of the most wearable summer 2014 trends in collections from Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Victoria Beckham and many more top designers. 

Shift Blouse Summer 2014 Trendphoto: Jenny Ong

Try it with floral prints or keep it simple with a luxe fabric and enjoy this stylish piece in your summer wardrobe.

9. Full Skirts

Whether they’re long on knee-length, full skirts are definitely in. You can easily pair them with a crop top or a top that’s tucked in. A little pleating can go a long way and mid length full skirts are perfect for a feminine summer silhouette. 

Full Skirt Summer 2014 Trendphoto: Alana Ruas

Get the vintage vibe for a stylish summer with a full skirt that really speaks to you.

10. Jewels & Crystals

If you like to shine, you’ll definitely enjoy that one of the most wearable summer 2014 trends includes tops and bottoms adorned with cool crystals and sparkly embellishments. 

Embellishments Summer 2014 Trendphoto: Kavita D.

Seen on the runway in collections from Balenciaga and Miu Miu to Prada, this cool trend can help you create some stunning summer looks.

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