It’s still not too late to upgrade your wardrobe to the newest style tendencies of the moment, as the harsh winter is yet to come. One of the most stylish sources of inspiration for your next shopping binge would be the Miss Selfridge Winter 2010 lookbook. Indeed there’s hardly any fashion trend missing that aren’t included in the build up of the most prominent outfits. You’ll find fur and feathers as well as knitted items and the must have prints and shades of the year. Scan the brief insight into the complete cold season collection and spot the looks that can be easily adapted to your personal and unique clothing style.

This season Bohemian looks ruled the runway using the art of layering. In order to pull off your catwalk-worth apparel it is advisable to take a closer look at these fabulous outfits. Indeed finding the right clothing items, colors and fabrics are the most important phases of a spotless makeover. Miss Selfridge this time provides you with stylish fur and knit coats as well as ruffles and fringe that decorate the long skirts and bulky tops in the old time tradition of Bohemian fashion. Choose from the stylish and low key dresses that look amazing when pierced into a street chic attire.

Preparing for a romantic date or a fabulous holiday party might force you to raid the stores for a brand new and voguish dress or ensemble. However you can ease your job if you know where to look for. These Miss Selfridge dresses and complete apparel ideas will serve as the perfect example on how a fabulous and chic party outfit should look like. The stylish shorts, ruffled skirts and Boho chic dresses are only some of the must have style items for this season. Therefore have them in your wardrobe to avoid the backbreaking style dilemmas.

Outerwear is also extremely important as the pro designers came up with the most refined designs we should also adopt. The fur and leather coats are some of the key wardrobe staples of the year. As consequence real fashionustas should not only feast their eyes on the mesmerizing designs from the runway instead should master the transition from the catwalk to street chic and build up their own dapper look. Pair your sophisticated coats with chic dresses or cute urban sportswear outfits.

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