Style is taken to new heights with the latest lookbooks for spring 2011 brought to us by many famous retailers. By adding sexy touches to otherwise casual looks Mike & Chris manage to bring novelty and originality by proving that simplicity in style can sometimes be the best answer. Check out the looks presented and pick your favorites!

A new season is always a good opportunity to reevaluate our style and determine whether or not we want to make certain adjustments. Fortunately, the fashion industry is constantly coming up with new fashion trends as well as ideas designed to help us refresh our look whenever necessary regardless of our dominant style influences.

The spring 2011 Mike & Chris lookbook focuses mainly on providing several style variations for those who prefer a relaxed yet alluring look. With a relatively modest color palette that focuses around dark and neutral tones, the accents are placed on skillfully combining textures as well as creating interesting proportions.

Minimalistic accents are undoubtedly dominant, however the role of accessories is not neglected in any way. Although kept relatively discreet to match the overall desired image they manage to create interest and provide a harmonious and versatile look.

Comfortable and casual, the outfits definitely require confidence to be pulled off. The androgynous accents given both by the clever combos as well as by the superbly chosen accessories is certainly an interesting choice for women who are willing to experiment with something different.

Focused around basics, the Mike & Christ spring summer 2011 lookbook is a perfect illustration of the variety of possible combinations that can be made if you are willing to invest some time mixing and matching different items to be able to create a seemingly effortless look.

Perk up your casual style with refreshing new combinations using items you already have. Get inspired by the combinations shown and take them to the next level by adapting them to your unique style. Make sure not to neglect the importance of proper accessorizing as it is one of the simplest and most effective methods to personalize your outfits and to make them stand out.

Photos by Zoey Grossman