The best and easiest way to underline your fabulous personality and tastes is through fashion style and there are a variety of trendy choices out there. One of the styles that has always attracted a generous amount of attention is the streetwear style, a street concept that combines powerful attitude with comfort perfectly. This combo has inspired the latest Married to the Mob spring/summer 2011 collection, a fashion lin that allows women to adopt that statement, powerful style that captures attention.

Married to the Mob has been materialized after Leah, the label’s founder, discovered that this fashion style is not available for women. In 2004 she transposed her ideas into the first collection and the rest is history. The brand still maintains that catchy street style feel that appeals to both men and women, so no wonder it is highly successful. The concept was inspired by the actual steer wear style, that powerful “don’t mess with me” attitude that can be seen in the underground fashion scene. Leah gathered her ideas from New York’s street scene and managed to transpose her ideas into fabulous tees for women as well as men.

The Married to the Mob spring/summer 2011 collection looks absolutely fabulous and can be adapted to suit women with different styles. The versatility of the collection is expressed through color as well as graphic design, just so they feature a bolder or more subtle style. Women who are juggling with casual-chic outfits that still have a street style feel attached can select a T-shirt that features a more subtle design, while girls who are all about showing off their street smart attitude can opt for a bold “stamped” look.

The colors featured in this spring/summer 2011 collection are simple and generally feature the black and white color scheme that is so popular this season. However, to give the collection a warmer feel, the label’s designer has decided to turn towards the help of feminine and popular hues such as red, pink and purple. These colors suit most skin tones, so you can definitely find a T-shirt hue that represents you perfectly.

The messages which are transmitted through the collection are clear: powerful, confident but still feminine, so if these characteristics match your personality, don’t hesitate to select your own Married to the Mob tee. From simple to over-the-top designs, the T-shirts look amazing and can definitely complete your casual-chic fashion style. Gear-up with your favorite clothing designs and you will most definitely exude that Mob-ish, bad-girl style that everyone loves.

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