The Marks & Spencer spring/summer 2011 collection was divided into two main categories, both having as source of inspiration the ’70s fashion. First, there is the ’70s daytime collection that includes as key elements floral prints, maxi dresses and skirts, and peasant blouses. Then, the ’70s sleek, which features more stylish clothing items, bold colors, drape and wrap, oriental prints, perfect for evening events.

Symbol of purity, kindness and innocence, white is the one color that reflects light and it is more suitable for hot summer days. Besides being a very sensitive color, white is also harder to wear and match since it reveals every unwanted flaw. However, if properly worn, white can be one of the smartest choices for the warm season. The Marks & Spencer spring/summer 2011 line and all the trends seen on fashion runways seem to prove this since white was omnipresent amidst the myriad of colorful and printed pieces. Don’t be afraid to dare the head-to-toe white look as seen at Marks & Spencer!

Camel could be seen everywhere for fall/winter 2010-2011, being considered as the new black. For the warm season instead, cream seems to be the new camel. Cream is versatile and allows you to play with different colors and prints. Therefore, have fun mixing and matching!

Seventies romantic maxi dresses are extremely feminine choices both for daytime and nighttime wear. The Marks & Spencer spring/summer 2011 collection comes with two different versions of this bohemian style, one being the full maxi printed dresses, casual-appropriate, and the other one is the halter dress suitable for a more special, evening event. In fact, the maxi-length is not applied just for dresses, but also for skirts. Long and lovely maxi skirts are so sweet, yet stylish, being a practical and versatile choice for everyone, whether you match them with tunics or with knitted sweaters.

The Seventies Sleek category of the Marks & Spencer spring 2011 collection includes glamorous and elegant pieces for special occasions. Chic, dressy jumpsuits look incredibly hot and can be worn for a cocktail party or any other event requiring a more formal and stylish outfit. You can match the sleeveless, v-neckline jumpsuit with a pair of sexy high-heeled shoes or sandals for a sophisticated appearance. On the other hand, if you are more into the rock-chic approach, a leather biker jacket and a ruffled short dress or a pair of colored skinny jeans can definitely turn eyes.

Photos courtesy by Marks & Spencer