Marc Jacobs, creative director at Louis Vuitton is doing just fine all by himself, as we all could easily see from his latest collections, such as Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 collection.

Well it seems that Marc is targeting differently his market, as he gave up his high prices for a very affordable collection, much easier to purchase, since all items included are priced under $200. So, young fashionistas, get together for a shopping session!

August 1st will be the release date for “Don’t Miss the Marc” by Marc Jacobs. This budget-friendly collection features all you could have ever wanted: colorful tees, pleated skirts, printed leggings, and more.

Marc Jacobs Back To School 2009Marc Jacobs Back To School

“Don’t Miss the Marc” back-to-school capsule collection is definitely a fun mix of prints and solid clothes and accessories, dedicated especially to teenagers who happen to be also fashion-addicts.

They will surely appreciate the prints, the knit blazers or the denim skirts, at, let’s not forget, a very affordable price. At least compared to any Marc Jacobs collection.

Marc Jacobs Back To School T ShirtMarc Jacobs Back To School Leggings

“Don’t Miss the Marc” is exactly what it is saying it is – a thing you shouldn’t miss if you need a change in your wardrobe, in your style or in your life. This back-to-school collection is surely a change in Jacob’s line of works.