It is said that leather has no age. This is one of those fabrics that enjoys a history of thousands of years. Even from the Paleolithic they were discovered mural paintings revealing the fact that people were wearing different items made from animal skin. Then, there were the Greeks and Romans who used leather in order to make shoes or military uniforms. In fashion, the leather jacket became famous due to cinema development. The movie “The Wild One”, in 1953, in which Marlon Brando appeared in a leather jacket was the point when this item became a real fashion statement.

The most common idea when choosing a leather jacket is to go for the classic type. However, as this should be a fashion statement meant to complete a dull outfit, why not to try a more extravagant one with different applications or special tailoring. Still, you can keep the classic model as a back-up plan. You can match the biker jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and ballerina flats, or with flare pants or jeans, a blouse and a pair of platform shoes.

In order to soften and feminize your look a little bit, team the biker jacket with a dress, even a romantic, long one, or a pair of shorts, and low boots. Don’t forget the accessories, such as a long necklace and a large clutch to come in contrast with the tough look of the jacket.

Finding the perfect leather jacket can sometimes be a challenge as you never know which one would be more flattering. The best thing to do is to invest in a biker style leather jacket that seems to never go out of fashion. It should be worn in a shorter version. The most impressive thing about this jacket is its versatility. It can be matched with almost anything, with jeans, pants, skirts and even more elegant dresses. Moreover, the biker style flatters every body shape. If you are curvier, you can wear it with a more ample dress or a tunic.

Besides the biker style, the famous leather jacket comes in other different shapes and styles. When choosing a leather jacket, and any other clothing item, take into consideration your personal style. As the leather jacket should be just like your second skin, try to avoid the biker jacket if you are more into the classic style. If you are curvier, avoid the waist-length types and go for a three-quarter length jacket. If you are petite, stay away from three-quarter length. On the other hand, for tall and skinny girls every style works. As for the color, black goes with everything and anything.

Have you ever thought of adding into your wardrobe a leather skirt and a pair of leather pants as totally must-haves? Well, you should invest in one of these items and wear them proudly. Even though some designers have chosen the all-leather look, if you think it’s too much, you can combine leather with other fabrics in order to obtain a lighter outfit. A pair of leather shorts can be a safe investment and they look amazing when worn with a white, loose t-shirt and a pair of boots. Moreover, during summer, you can avoid black leather and choose lighter colors such as beige, nude, and even chocolate.

Among the various leather items in your wardrobe, pants seem to be one of the most representative piece. However, one must pay a lot of attention when matching them as they can give a vulgar aspect if combined with inappropriate items. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to wear your leather pants with a simple, cashmere pull. When purchasing them, make sure they fit you perfectly. As for the leather skirt, whether you choose it long or short, wear it with a blazer, avoiding the boots.