New York Fashion Week. Everybody wants to be there and just enjoy all of the great fashion shows, including L.A.M.B.'s collection for spring 2010. Gwen Stefani's label has managed to stay the same as we all know it, gorgeous, fresh and a must-have among fashion lovers.

The L.A.M.B 2010 spring collection it's definitely an impressive one! It really screams refreshing and success, due to all the clean-cut tailored pieces with a high energy dose of urban detailing. With an African slash eighties reference pointing out, the collection has, no doubt about it, a rocker chic edge. Large pieces of fabrics literally flow in this collection in a great balance with all the leather biker jackets, zippers and tartan inserted.

The L.A.M.B. Spring 2010 collection is very eclectic in a very Gwen Stefani manner. If this means combining feminine off-the-shoulder dresses with harem panties, so be it!

There are also other items that made us fell in love, attitude- tunics, and lots of pleated items, even kilts, diaper dresses or those cargo pants we just can’t stop thinking about.

What made this collection a real success was Stefani's ability to combine and naturally match two kinds of wearing clothes: some of them were just loose while there were many tailored pieces; but the combination is truly amazing.

The sky-high shoes and the simple make-up, matched with edgy hair up-dos did nothing but complimenting an already extraordinary line of clothes signed by the beautiful singer slash designer Gwen Stefani.
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