A girl who knows what flatters her curves and flirty silhouette will always long for a collection that has all the must have style pieces a fashionista wardrobe should include. In order to go glam with the new fashion trends it is worth taking a closer look at the Karen Millen Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook that lines up a cavalcade of outfits worth experimenting with on a long term. These classy designs complemented with big ticket accessories would make you feel confident in your skin. Choose some of these apparel alternatives for work, a romantic date or a shopping spree.Invest in high-end looks in order to secure your spotless appearance regardless of the season and the nature of the event you attend.

There’s no need for a bold trick if you wish to keep your outfit neat and sophisticated instead rely on these inspiring apparel options that show you the shortest way to success. Wide leg pants in the aura of the 70s as well as stylish strapless dresses, trench coats in neutral tones will offer you the best prerogative to enjoy the standing ovation paid to your brand new spring look. Karen Millen is one of the greatest brands that pays its well-deserved tribute to the feminine ideal. Ladies looking for refinement and high class will find this lookbook extremely useful.

Flirty skirt lengths from the stylish and sex-appeal-radiating minis as well as the maxi designs will look equally overwhelming when embedded into your casual or semi-formal wardrobe. Check out the sight-pleasing color palette used in the collection of Karen Millen for the upcoming season. Pair the right tailoring designs to your silhouette and make sure accessories are there to help you complement your overall appearance. The hottest looks of the moment would encourage us to rely on fine lines and neat cuts in order to bring out the best of our body shape.

Bulky textures used to make casual wear even more comfy and stylish is perfect for those who are confident in their silhouette. On the other hand skinny jeans teamed up with the most stylish blazers would serve as the best means to add a slimming effect to a curvy figure.Let your creativity lead the accessorizing process and try to build up all event-appropriate looks as the ones presented above in the most voguish Karen Millen Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook.

Image courtesy of Karen Millen