An elegant look never fails to create a powerful positive impression. Although a comfortable chic style can have a strong effect as well, there are times when nothing can replace a polished outfit. Even though runway looks often highlight some of the main fashion trends for the season, they are often hard to apply in real life and additional sources of inspiration are required.

Fortunately, retailers seem to be doing a perfect job anticipating the desires of their customers and coming up with several style alternatives to choose from. The Joop! Spring 2011 lookbook offers some interesting insights that focus mainly on formal attire but also features some options with a more casual vibe. Built mainly around solids, the outfits stand out due to the superb style choices that combine various fabrics that create interest. The gorgeous supermodel Cato Van Ee captures the spirit of the lookbook perfectly as she exudes confidence, femininity and a sense of power and understated authority.

Pieces that can be easily mixed and matched together are the main emphasis of the collection. High waist pencil skirt, pants in neutral colors, modern blazers and classy jackets are used abundantly throughout the collection to create a polished style without losing individuality. Although neutral colors are used, the outfits do not lose their originality and appeal. Vivid colors manage to break the monotony of the traditional work attire while still maintaining the official overall tone of the outfits presented.

An interesting touch that serves as a distinctive touch from other types of lookbooks of the same sort is the use of leather skirts. Although perfect for early spring months, these might be a questionable choice for summer when temperatures are extremely high. However, style wise, the choice is certainly an interesting one as it can be an accessible style update with a lot of perks. Paying attention to textures and accessories is advisable if you are thinking about using this style suggestion. Opting for minimal, functional accessories is a safe alternative that may come in handy.

If we are to discuss the spring summer 2011 trends highlighted in the lookbook, a few options seem to immediately stand out. Pleats, prints, denim and subtle ruffles are all fashionable options that can put you on the spotlight this season. Animal prints are a classic choice for daring women who are willing to experiment with bold styles and have the confidence and the skill to do so, while abstract prints are an interesting choice for those who would like to add a pop of color to their outfits without using a well defined theme.

Accessories seem to have a secondary role in defining the outfits presented. Functionality seems to be the main criterion by which accessories are chosen. Although elegant, accessories are not meant to attract attention, but to complete the outfits. The neutral tones used provide a much needed balance to the outfits.

Photo courtesy of Joop!