It is absolutely amazing to observe how a person’s ideas can be transposed into the development of fashion designs and how much individuality these fashion designs exude. Jil Sander’s Navy spring 2011 lookbook is a perfect example of how clothes can transmit a message, a hint about a person’s personality and style. The style underlined by Jil Sanders Navy collection is light, simple and with a touch of purity so no wonder that this fashion style matches most women.

We live in a world which seems to be set on fast-forward so the need of comfortable, simple yet stylish clothes has grown; time is precious and people don’t want to waist any time on things that are not important. Choosing to dress simple but with great taste can sometimes be a better option that mixing and matching different styles that can, if not skilled in the art of fashion, result in a not so flattering look. This is why the saying “less is more” has been invented so keep on mind that you don’t have to go to extremes to look hot.

The Jil Sander Navy Spring 2011 Lookbook is the materialization of talent and hard work transposed into a collection that is unique but still simple. These casual looking designs are perfect for every woman who loves simplicity, comfort and style enchant your eyes and try to inspire yourself from these gorgeously detailed outfits from the Jil Sander Nany lookbook.

Trenches seem to be a must-have of the season; a perfect option for a chilly day out with your friends or on a meeting, the trenches being very simplistic in their design. Trenches feature a mid thigh length so you will look absolutely hot if you opt for a lovely dress or skirt assembly.

The dresses featured in the lookbook feature a medium-short length, making them a perfect and practical choice for any occasion from day to evening. Whether you choose a monochrome or a multi-colored dress, make sure to go for the right accessories.

Shoes can play a very important role when it comes to the final aspect of an outfit and the dresses featured in the Navy collection match perfectly high heels as well as cool and comfy footwear such as oxfords or gladiators.

Skirts as well as shorts are a definite must for every woman with gorgeous legs and the designs presented by Jil Sander match a variety of styles. You can opt for casual-chic designs as well soft elegant ones depending on occasion and personal style. Match the skirts/pants to gorgeous loose fitting blouses which will help create a fresh, casual and airy look that is perfect for the new season.

Be creative and turn to colors which give you a feeling of calmness and peacefulness if you want to underline your fresh and simple style. Turn your attention towards stylish and simple fashion items such as the ones featured by Jil Sander’s Navy lookbook for spring 2011 and you will most definitely achieve that amazing fashion style you’ve been trying to emphasize.

Do you see yourself wearing the Jil Sander Navy capsule collection?

Photo courtesy of Jil Sander