Jessie Hill has proven her talent as a fashion stylist and designer as she began her career at an early age. She began her career around the age of 17 as a fashion stylist for MTV and from there she became known for her work and incredibly unique fashion style. Now this hot Aussie fashion designer has become internationally known for her talent and designs. The Jessie Hill spring/summer 2011 fashion collection is absolutely fabulous, each design exuding a great amount of style.

Fashion plays a very important role when it comes to physical appearance and style so paying attention to details can make make a great amount of difference. Fashion can help you underline your personality and individuality and for people who are art inclined Jessie Hill’s fashionable clothes can pose as a great option.

The Jessie Hill spring/summer 2011 collection is all about style: her personality can definitely be distinguished as it is transposed into each and every design. The title of the spring/summer 2011 collection is Song Bird 7, and it suits the collection perfectly. A certain bohemian/retro feel is exuded by the collection and this contributes to the incredible amount of style the collection expresses from the fist look. Feminine and seductive details can also be detected and this means you will be able to benefit from a fabulous feminine outfit which still features a laid back style. These details which have been carefully put together by Jessie Hill can help you achieve the stylish look you desire without having to try too much.

Lovely, simple dresses, fabulous button shirts, high waist shorts, baggy blouses, lace short skirts, sexy jumpsuits, ripped pants are only a few of the stylish outfit designs which can be found in the spring summer 2011 collection. Mixing and matching the right fashion item is an essential key to obtaining a fabulous stylish outfit and Jessie Hill has managed to demonstrate exactly how this works. Pair masculine blazers with silk leotards or silk shorts and baggy tucked in T-shirts and the result will be quite spectacular.

Take a peek at the incredibly stylish designs and try to inspire yourself from the collection so you can look absolutely amazing. Adapt your outfit to the occasion as well as personality and body type so you can achieve a flawless look which will definitely make you stand out!

Photos courtesy of Jessie Hill