Lolita is a Japanese subculture fashion worn by teenagers. The Gothic Lolita comes from an inspiration between Lolita Fashion and Gothic Fashion.

The Gothic Lolita color style is usually a combination of black or dark rich colors like burgundy, navy, purple and white. The clothes are decorated with lace and ribbons.

The skirts are knee length and have a lot of volume because of the crinoline or petticoat and warn with over the knee socks or stockings. The dresses are usually Bell Shaped but other styles are available like A-Line dresses which are more classical, Empire Waist dresses on which the waist is just under the bust, Gathered Skirts which give a ruffled effect, Flared Skirts which are tight around the waist to create a maximum flare angle.

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The GothLoli’s also wear lace trimmed or ruffled Victorian Blouses with a modest design. The look is completed by boots or childlike shoes.

As accessories GothLoli’s use parasols, mini top hats, lace headdresses, ribbons, handbags, purses and backpacks in the various shapes like coffins and crucifixes. The porcelain doll look is completed by curled hair or curled hair wigs and the hair color goes from vivid colors to blond and black which are the most popular ones.

The make-up used for this style goes from natural looks to dramatic smokey eye make-up with dark red lips. This type of style should express elegance, modesty and youthfulness.